Can't install XP with KR7A-Raid 0 !! Please help...

Discussion in 'Abit' started by TORN, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. TORN

    TORN Guest

    Hi all,
    anyone here used Windows XP on Raid-0 with KR7A-Raid Please help...
    i had 2X 80GB Maxtor 7200rpm 2mb (6Y080L0) attach to Raid-IDE 1(Master) and
    Raid-IDE2(Master) and setup to Raid-0 under Raid bios use 128k strip then
    partition to C: 12GB (Pri-dos), D:50GB(Ext), E: 50GB(Ext), F: 40GB(Ext) and
    format all drive use Fat32. Cd-rom attach to IDE-1 (Master).
    i boot up and install Windows XP from CD-rom, then press F6 to use the
    HighPoint 372 raid driver (Ver 2.4) from floppy,

    My problem is the setup "Hang" at "setup is starting Windows"(after loading
    the file & driver from CDrom)!

    my system :
    AMD 2400+ (133x15)
    Bios ver : CX with Raid Bios 2.4
    Leadtek FX5900 128mb.
    Antec 480w truepower

    i remove all pci card when install, only the VGA card in AGP slot. the
    "Readme" file in HPT 372 driver show that must "remove" all devise in
    onboard VIA IDE when install windows XP, but if remove all cd-rom on VIA
    IDE, how to install Windows XP without CD-rom?? (the HTP Raid controler
    can't detect my ASUS 52xCD-rom!!)
    TORN, Dec 13, 2003
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  2. TORN

    TORN Guest

    AMD 2400+ (133x15)
    TORN, Dec 13, 2003
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  3. TORN

    Paul Grave Guest

    I had a similar problem with a KT7 and a Geforce2MX. Try doing the
    install with a different graphics card. It worked for me.
    Paul Grave, Dec 14, 2003
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