Can't send photos to AOL

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Mike O'Connor, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. When I try to send an EMail to AOL that includes an inline photo, the
    AOL account receives the message, but without the picture!

    On AOL, the mail controls are to receive all mail including pictures.

    On the Mac, I'm using Apple Mail and the result is the same no matter if
    I send from my,, or mail accounts.

    Anyone seen this problem and have a solution? TIA!
    Mike O'Connor, Jul 9, 2003
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  2. Mike O'Connor

    italiano Guest

    I send lots of attachments to AOL users (part of my job in the
    printing company I work for is email proofs) and I found long ago to
    either zip them up or stuff them (Mac) - otherwise AOL is "flaky"...
    italiano, Jul 9, 2003
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  3. For _most_ AOL users I know (actually most computer users in general), the
    above instructions would be met with something less than confidence and
    enthusiasm... :)

    Though I'll keep those instructions in mind the next time I need to help
    one of my AOL buddies with an attachment.

    But I'd much rather fix things at my end.

    In a recent thread, there were two suggestions on how to remove the resource
    fork from a file before attaching it to an email (which presumably avoids
    the double attachment):



    Haven't tried this yet myself, but will do so shortly, as I have encountered
    the "Can't see the picture" comments from AOL users myself...

    Am I correct in assuming that even with the resource fork stripped, I should
    still always limit myself to a single photo/jpeg in any email to an AOL
    Jim Glidewell, Jul 10, 2003
  4. In my case, the people at both ends of the messages are nongeeks -
    one's my 75 yr old Mom - and I just taught her to EMail photos to her
    sister using iPhoto's EMail button.

    Maybe I can have grim_ripper run through the whole iPhoto folder, and
    things will start to work, depending on whatever iPhoto might be using
    the resource fork for..
    Mike O'Connor, Jul 11, 2003
  5. Well, certainly the first rule is "One photo per email to AOL". Until
    I read Tacit's posting, I wasn't aware of that.

    Before you try anything else, have them send some single photos - it
    _may_ be that the email button automatically strips off the resource
    fork (it certainly _should_ - esp. if it's empty), but if they tried
    sending 2+ pictures then they'd get bit either way...

    Do things work any better/worse when one specifies scaling of the
    I really didn't expect iPhoto to use resources at all (they're deprecated,
    after all...) but it appears that every photo in my iPhoto Library has
    one. The resource fork for each unmodified image (either in the yyyy/mm/dd
    folder or in the yyyy/mm/dd/Originals folder) is ~50K (0 bytes for
    modified images). I suspect that the resource fork contains all the
    supplementary non-JPEG info for each picture (exposure, date/time, etc.)
    which I would not want to throw away.

    BTW, I was unsure of how to check whether a file has a resource fork
    from the command line. After a bit of google searching* I found out that
    if file "xxxxx" has a resource, then one can access that resource by
    referring to "xxxxx/rsrc". Nifty.

    Thus "ls -l */rsrc" lists every file in the current directory which
    has a resource fork.

    "cp xxx/rsrc xxx.resource" copies file xxx's resource fork to a
    seperate file. Might be handy for something...

    * Maybe these keywords will help the next guy... :)
    OSX OS X resource fork listing checking CLI copying command line exists test
    Jim Glidewell, Jul 15, 2003
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