Can't set BIOS to boot from SCSI controller - D850GB Motherboard - Adaptec 2410sa sata controller

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by S, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. S

    S Guest

    I've installed an Adaptec SATA 2410sa controller. It presents itself as a
    SCSI controller to the computer.

    From the BIOS I see no way to boot from this controller... it can only boot
    from the IDE drive.

    After booting Windows XP see the new controller and it's drive correctly...
    but I can't set the BIOS to boot from it...

    Anyone with a solution?

    System information:
    Board model Genuine Intel(R) D850GB system board
    OS version Windows* XP version 5.1 Service Pack 1 build 2600
    OS memory 523,564 KB RAM
    Physical memory 512 MB RAM
    Memory speed PC800
    Memory type Other, RAMBUS
    Form factor RIMM
    BIOS date 08/20/2001
    BIOS size 512 KB
    BIOS version P13 (GB85010A.15A.0046.P13.0108201551)

    S, Mar 5, 2004
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