Can't update BIOS on Dragon2 Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by DR, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. DR

    DR Guest


    I am trying to flash the bios on 875P Dragon2 Platinum Edition from
    4aa1 to 4aa2 but I keep on getting the error The program file's part
    number does not match with your system.

    I've used the following syntax:
    awdflash p4cw4aa2.bin /f


    awdflash p4cw4aa2.bin /py

    but I keep on gettin the same error. Any ideas? Could it be that
    this board cannot be updated?

    DR, Jun 9, 2004
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  2. DR

    Jim B. Guest

    First thing enter the motherboard BIOS and make sure C.I.H. Protection is
    set to disabled. The C.I.H. Protection setting write protects your BIOS chip
    and it can't be flashed if its set to enabled.

    BIOS Rivieson P4ICW_4AA2 is an exe file and needs to be saved to your
    computer and then you need to double click the file in order to extract the
    files. Once extracted the files AWDFLASH and the bin file need to be copied
    to a formatted floppy disk.

    Then with the floppy inserted in your floppy drive reboot the computer and
    when you see the Dragon Logo hit TAB then you hit ALT & F2 at the same time
    this will start the Awardflash program. You should not need to enter the
    commands like you did to flash this board.

    Also I hope your aware that if the BIOS flash fails your motherboard will be
    useless until you can either replace the BIOS chip or send it out for

    The 4aa2 BIOS revision only adds support for the 0.8 DRAM Ratio and support
    of the new 8 in 1 CD. There are four newer BIOS revisions for this board. If
    your going to flash you might as well flash with the newest 4ba4 revision it
    will give you all the previous updates as well. This will give you support
    for the new Prescott CPU's and the RAID 1 function of your Intel ICH5R
    chitpset as well.

    But as I always recomend ONLY flash a BIOS file if it gives you something
    you absolutly NEED. If you have never flashed a BIOS chip before and still
    need the updates the safest way is to just buy the BIOS chip already
    programed for your needs. The chip itself is very easy to change and you
    will have no worrys about the loss of use if the flash fails. There is one
    place running ads in this news group selling new BIOS chips for like $15 and
    if you have never flashed one this is the safest and cheapest route to take.
    Jim B., Jun 9, 2004
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  3. DR

    DR Guest

    C.I.H. Protection is disabled, and yes I extracted the .bin file out
    of the .exe file. I copied the one .bin file to the floppy and I
    still get the same error when starting the ALT+F2 AWDFLASH program
    when trying to update to any newer BIOS..The program file's part
    This is the same error I get if I boot to a floppy and use
    DR, Jun 12, 2004
  4. DR

    Jim B. Guest

    Did you put the .bin file and the Awardflash file on the floppy disk?
    Jim B., Jun 13, 2004
  5. DR

    Ray Guest

    Have you tried one of the other updates, maybe 4BA1?
    As Jim said earlier it's up to version 4BA4 now, I've flashed three
    times now, I'm at 4BA4 and had no problems at all with the procedure.
    Why do you want to go with that particular version (4aa2), just wondering?

    Ray, Jun 13, 2004
  6. DR

    DR Guest

    I've actually tried both 4BA1 and 4BA2...and same result. Whether I
    do it from the floppy with the flash util or from booting to ALT+F2
    and the bios bin on the floppy itself.
    DR, Jun 15, 2004
  7. DR

    Ray Guest

    Does it actually halt the update or is it waiting for input from you?

    I was looking around and several sites say to ignore the message, as it
    has to do with updating an earlier version of the bios kernel that the
    new one doesn't recognize.
    I'm an impetuous type so I'd be tempted to continue, BUT ONLY after
    getting the address of a new bios chip provider in case it didn't work.
    It's risky.......
    Ray, Jun 15, 2004
  8. DR

    DR Guest

    It actually halts the update.
    DR, Jun 22, 2004
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