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Can't update the Live! Series WDM Drivers (ERROR on LiveDrvPack_Patch.exe)

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by CURIOUS ANGEL, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. I've tried repeatedly to install the patch
    dated 2003/03/14 for my SB Live! 5.1 card and keep getting:
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Live! Series WDM Drivers on
    your system.

    Please ensure that your Sound Blaster Live! Series WDM Drivers is
    properly installed before running this Setup program.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    This is a new install of WINDOWS 2000 PROFESSIONAL and I have no less
    than 9 upgrades to install to update my original Live! 5.1 CD:

    LiveDrvPack_Patch.exe . . . 03/14/2003
    LiveDrvUni-Pack(ENG).exe . . . 11/11/2003
    CDBD_PCApp_1_00_05.exe . . . 04/20/2005
    PlayCenter3_02_52.exe . . . 03/13/2003
    PLCFULL_PCAPP_3_02_70.exe . . . 04/19/2005
    DDINSUPD.EXE . . . 04/01/2003
    Recorder_2_00_34_(ENG).exe . . . 03/13/2003
    MiniDisc_1_00_15_(ENG).exe . . . 03/13/2003
    Remote_1_40_26_(ENG).exe . . . 03/13/2003

    Is there a particular order to installing these that might be
    conflicting with getting the drivers updated? What's happening here?


    CURIOUS ANGEL, Jul 27, 2005
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    Folk Guest

    Have you tried Creative's Auto Update feature? It's a simple Active X
    control that works just like Windows Update.... it scans your system
    and then recommends which updates you need. It's always worked well
    here, although I have an Audigy 2 so I can't speak for how well it
    works on older products.

    To check it out, go here:
    and choose "Software AutoUpdate"
    Folk, Jul 27, 2005
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    T Shadow Guest

    The drivers from the CD may have to be installed befor the upgrade will
    "see" the card.
    T Shadow, Jul 27, 2005
  4. Both of you are wrong, actually. Creative apparently can't spare
    120-character spaces in the brief description of this update to include

    If the install of LiveDrvPack_Patch.exe will not progress, you may have
    to install LiveDrvUni-Pack(ENG).exe (((FIRST))).

    But wait! wait! they WERE able to afford to complete lead you a wild
    chase with the following 130-character misinformation, acronym

    You must have the previous LiveDrvPack.exe (SBLW-XPWEB-W3-US), posted
    July 17, 2002. in your system if you wish to use this patch.

    Uh huh.
    Where is LiveDrvPack.exe, you ask?
    How then are you supposed to install LiveDrvPack_Patch.exe?

    Well, isn't it obvious? Intuit these drivers psychically, of course
    tsk. I mean, uh, everyone can tell that a file

    Dated . . . 2003/11/11
    Named . . . LiveDrvUni-Pack(ENG).exe
    Contains . . . LiveDrvPack.exe

    right? No? Frankly my dear, Creative could give a damn because you
    can't find it (or mention of it) anywhere on their site. Whoever came
    up with this pathetic excuse for support deserves the Consumer Badwill
    Award of the Year, just as soon as they receive the 1st Place Ribbon
    for unnecessarily Shabby, irresponsible Tech Writing.

    I don't appreciate wasting (2? 3?) hours playing peek-a-boo with what
    ought to be a plainly-worded install tip and I translate the kind of
    feckless disregard Creative has for THIS customer as nothing short of

    I'll remember that next time I buy my next soundcard, Creative. And
    I'll leave it to you to wonder how many millions of other Sound Blaster
    Live! 5.1 owners will remember your leading them a merry (not) chase

    CURIOUS ANGEL, Jul 27, 2005
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