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Captured video somewhat jerky on playback 8500DV

Discussion in 'ATI' started by FTLOSM, Nov 15, 2003.


    FTLOSM Guest

    I used the rca style jacks on my 8500DV AIW card to capture some old home videos from the vcr here, the video plays smooth and fine and in the settings for the capture I set it as DVD High 720x480 6.00mb per sec, 48,000 khz audio 16 bit stereo, the picture and sound are good on playback but occasionally it is jerky in playback.

    I had started with dvd setting that was 8.00m bit per second (same in other settings) and had same problem so reduced to that current 6.00 m bit per second hoping it would fix that but still no real luck or difference.

    The pc I am using is a home made amd 2.1 (not overclocked & runs fast and stable) with 1 gig of crucial 2700 ram, ati 8500DV AIW card, 120 gig western digital 7200rpm ( this hd is dedicated for storage, defragged and empty in NTFS format using win 2k ).

    What I am trying to do is retain the quality of sound and video and use a progam I have here called DVDIT to put it onto a dvd-r, but before even getting it into dvdit when I view the mpg that is created it is jerky on playback and seems to be at random (not only in fast motion segments of the mpg).

    I have nothing else running while this is capturing, and am just looking for some advice on what else I can try and or do to possibly get a smoother final video clip without loosing quality.

    Been reading the troubleshooting info yet haven't come across anything that looks out of place or set wrong, and it appears I am above the minimum specs for capturing altho I understand the capturing I am trying to do is towards the TOP of the cards limits.

    FTLOSM, Nov 15, 2003
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    Bilar Crais Guest

    If your capture profile is set to de-interlace, change it to interlace.
    You might also try disabling the firewire dip switches on the video
    card...it tends to hog AGP bandwidth.
    Bilar Crais, Nov 16, 2003
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    Gordon Scott Guest

    are you using the ati dvd player?, you might try powerdvd etc, and see if
    the results are different. what MB bios and drivers are you using?

    Gordon Scott, Nov 30, 2003
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