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Case modding : Ohio

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Drew Cutter, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. Drew Cutter

    Drew Cutter Guest

    I know that this isn't a case modding newsgroups. I need to find a store
    that does case modding in Ohio. Thanks. I got a case that needs a extra
    outlet for a fan.
    Drew Cutter, Feb 13, 2004
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  2. Drew Cutter

    Doughnut Guest

    Why not try to do it yourself if its just a ventilation hole.
    Get a nice grill cover on top.

    Doughnut, Feb 13, 2004
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  3. Drew Cutter

    Drew Cutter Guest

    Why not try to do it yourself if its just a ventilation hole.
    Don't have the tools or know how.
    Drew Cutter, Feb 13, 2004
  4. Drew Cutter

    Mickey Guest

    you might try "metal fabrication" in the phone book. Jus tell them you want
    a hole cut in your case and take the fan in for dimensions and screw hole
    Mickey, Feb 14, 2004
  5. Drew Cutter

    Drew Cutter Guest

    That an idea . I going to a large computer store today in columbus. i'll
    take a look at fan cover , etc .
    Drew Cutter, Feb 14, 2004
  6. Drew Cutter

    Bill Guest

    A word of advice/warning, remove all components from the case <
    p/s, switches, leds, plastic feet, front bezel, etc. etc. ...>
    before working on the case, whether you do it or have somebody else
    do it. It reduces the chances of them getting broken during any
    metal surgery.

    Make sure all/any metal filings are removed before putting the
    case/pc back together. Shake it out, wash it out, blow it out,
    whatever else it takes. You do not want to have loose metel filings
    shorting out anything.

    Bill, Feb 14, 2004
  7. Drew Cutter

    Drew Cutter Guest

    Bill ,

    Do you a file to get the shaving off and prevent cuts to your hand ?
    Special type of file ?
    Drew Cutter, Feb 15, 2004
  8. Drew Cutter

    Mickey Guest

    A decent shop will clean up any rough edges especially if you ask. A vacuum
    works fine for getting shavings out.
    Mickey, Feb 15, 2004
  9. Drew Cutter

    Bill Guest

    Dremel tool, or emery cloth. Use a magnet to sweep for filings <
    unless it's an aluminum case >. Murphy says " You leave metal
    filings in a case, sooner or later they'll short out something
    expensive. "

    Bill, Feb 15, 2004
  10. Drew Cutter

    Peder Guest

    FWIW, Radio Shack has a nibbler on sale for 5 bucks if anyone's interested.

    That is all.
    Peder, Feb 15, 2004
  11. Given your original question and additional assertions (lack tools, skills,
    etc.), coupled with the good advice you've been given (remove all components
    before cutting metal, make sure case is free of filings, stray metal after
    surgery *before* replacing components), have you considered the possibility
    that a new case may be the best solution for you in the long run?
    I mean no disrespect by this suggestion. It's just that cases are not all
    that expensive (especially w/o PSU), and having someone else do the
    metalwork for you (given that component removal and other cited precautions
    are required in either case) could end up costing as much or more than a new
    Peter van der Goes, Feb 15, 2004
  12. Drew Cutter

    TEDlogic Guest

    Where at in ohio.. Im an avid modder with all the tools and knowhow...
    i could give you a hand with it or at least point you in the right
    direction.. .
    TEDlogic, Jan 7, 2005
  13. I am not sure if you are referring to me, but I am in Athens. I have access
    to a machine shop, and have turned several cases into swiss cheese.

    Peter Harrington, Jan 7, 2005
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