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Catalyst 7.8 now available

Discussion in 'ATI' started by William, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. William

    William Guest

    Downloaded it today.

    Looked at the Release Notes: Don't see much mentioned about the x1950pro
    I'm running, or any games I play. I think I will hold off on installing
    this one and see what others say first.


    Their was a time, not so long ago, that downloading a 35meg file meant
    starting the download and going to bead -- waking up in the morning and
    hoping all went well. (Which often did not.) BOY AM I GLAD I have a
    high-speed wireless connection. It took two maybe three minutes to

    God bless America and High-Bandwidth Internet connections.
    William, Aug 13, 2007
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  2. William

    Piers James Guest

    Just installed it over 7.7 on an X700Pro on Vista 64. Seems fine.

    If I don't install the Catalyst Control Centre, can I still access all the
    ATI display settings?

    150MB seems excessive for a control panel applet to change display settings.

    Piers James, Aug 14, 2007
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  3. William

    First of One Guest

    ATi Tray Tools is the popular alternative to Catalyst Control Center in XP.
    However, according to the release notes it doesn't work in Vista 64.
    The total size of the English Catalyst 7.8 package is 96.8 MB. Catalyst 7.7
    was only 48.2 MB. Wonder what caused the size to double?
    First of One, Aug 15, 2007
  4. William

    Ken Maltby Guest

    I wonder how much of the difference might be added
    support for Vista? So even without making the switch,
    I might have to put up with Vista induced bloat.

    Ken Maltby, Aug 15, 2007
  5. William

    Piers James Guest

    well quite I noticed that as well.

    i used to use ati tray tools on xp, but was wondering if there was a vista
    compatible tool.

    thanks anyway.
    Piers James, Aug 15, 2007
  6. William

    First of One Guest

    Added support for Vista??? Just so there are no misunderstandings, the
    Catalyst package isn't unified across operating systems. There are separate
    downloads for Vista and XP. The XP driver doesn't include "Vista-induced
    First of One, Aug 16, 2007
  7. William

    Ken Maltby Guest

    You are probably correct, and I hope that they are still
    writing optimized functions for each OS, even where a
    common approach will work, in both.

    Ken Maltby, Aug 16, 2007
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