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Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by CAUTION !!!, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. CAUTION !!!

    CAUTION !!! Guest

    Welcomes to the system simplest and fastest perhaps to the money earn
    in the internet.
    This , little ´Job (ideally also for unemployed and working that which
    is sought) much money can bring you within short time. It is also ideal in
    money problems or lack of funds. You say draw lots yes , the letter best now
    through to yourself and follow type mine!!
    Your single investments are 4 Euros / U.S. dollar or British Pounds
    (plus stamps).

    The idea behind it is conceivably simple:

    Everything what you need only do, is this internet - business to
    It is no fairy tale; it is not illegally - it functions really!!

    Equal whether you are housewife, working that which is sought,
    employee , more independent, amateur or pro, here each has the same chance!
    You need no previous knowledge, have a free time arrangement and go no
    obligations at all on.


    Recession: (one of many users of this business possibility)

    I read and started this business in the internet. I must myself with
    opportunity-job through fight, that were paid even few.
    No good exit situation therefore for me.
    I was sceptical because I not first also was able to grasp it, how
    that should be possible, with ONLY 4 Euros. That was incredible (and you now
    probably also) for me.
    But what I then had to lose except 4 Euros. Moreover my guilt heaped
    itself in the bank.
    My Dispo - credit was covered already previously so that I had to ask
    at my family and friends for money.
    How it as you know so is, one grasps in such situations after "almost"
    each straw that money promises. What fascinated me at this program, was that
    I needed invest only 4 Euros to participate around even if it would not
    function , the 4 Euros would not have made me poorly. The chance however to
    receive out of the 4 Euros several thousands, was for me more enticing. Many
    other programs that I regarded me, also network - marketing - business ,
    demanded already several hundreds, even several thousand Euros before I was
    able to earn generally money. I thought about also some days over this
    program , caught to laugh I on.
    Do you ask yourself why??
    Because I had nothing to lose, if I invested the 4 Euros and 4 stamps,
    but to win for that much.
    The advantage was that I was able to be Sicher, that it also really
    different persons are, for in many program a person, especially in the
    mail-addresses-programs , sticks usually behind it and collects off.

    That the difference to the fast ball-system is , for it stands NO at
    the tip.
    This system is a self - running mail - letter that is named, EACH
    EARNS, that complies with the directions.

    I stuck my activities here in instead of issuing money for lottery or
    similar good fortune games!
    I told also acquaintance and friends of this per grief.

    Further in the text:
    In any case stood written there, that one 1 Euro / 1 U.S. dollar or 1
    BP (British Pounds) to each of the 4 names and addresses
    That in the article indicated are, send should. Then you prepare your
    The fourth place of the list and send the article in, for example, 200
    Newsgroups. (there are thousends of)
    Within a month, I converted over 17,000 EUROS earned.
    In an investment of only 4 Euros and 4 stamps. Let me you tell how
    that functions and
    Yet more important why it functions.
    Now, best you a copy of this article make NOW so that you have this
    letter also Offline at hand
    If you need it. I promise you that, if you exactly follow the
    directions, you more money salary than you
    Thought have and that on a so simple type and manner!

    Proposal : harvest attentively the entire article!
    ( Pressures it from or would load it down.) Would follow the simple
    directions and show at the same time to
    How the money comes in! It is simple. It is legal. And your only
    4 Euros are investment / U.S. dollar or British Pounds (plus stamps).

    IMPORTANT: it is no fairy tale; it is not immoral ; it is not
    Illegally; and virtual no risks exist - it functions really!!
    Yourself you comply with all of the following rules, you will get a
    few things at yields.

    FAVOR NOTES: sequence these directions EXACTLY and over 20,000 Euros
    or more
    Within 20 to 60 days can be your, hangs that entirely on you!
    This program is so successful because it is based upon the courtesy
    and honesty of the participant. The list are like an invisible, closed ring
    , that becomes always larger, the more people participate.
    You can see it as a Sprituell or nonsense, but if someone does not
    comply with the rules, it does not earn also.
    It does not break can the ring and the money to it through tile, but
    rather flows then into the void. So you can see it why many a have no
    success. Hälst you the ring closed, reaches that money also you.
    The saying, you knew harvest seeing, that you, have already its
    Please would continue this success further if you follow earnestly and
    attentively the directions.
    You become now part at the mail order business. In this business, your
    product is nothing tangible
    It is a service. Your business is concerned therewith, mail lists
    To develop for later and further money salaries - programs, that you

    Here the 4 simple steps to the success are:
    STEP 1: 4 single piece of paper puts you right and would write
    following on each of these papers:


    So that you can receive also the mails. Your address writes however
    (You can you also a cost-free, separate mail-address design)

    4 single 1 Euros - coins / 1 US - dollar - provides you now money
    certificate or 1 British Pounds (exchangable in each bank).
    Now you fold the paper around the money piece / the money certificate.
    (has the purpose, that
    One it through the envelope do not see can. That should prevent
    Newspaper paper uses or dark paper in which you wrap up the money coin
    / the money certificate.
    As next, you stick the paper with the money piece / money certificate
    into an envelope and closes this.
    Now you should lie have 4 envelopes yourself you, in whom RESPECTIVELY
    a paper, that that above named
    Sentence, and a money coin / money certificate included should.
    Therefore you establish just a service. THIS IS 1000% industrial trade
    union LEGAL.
    You request a legitimate service and pay for that!
    How that of us, I was very sceptical and provide what that
    Legal aspect concerns. I have Office (1-800-725-2161 at the U.S.
    postal service)
    Inquired and it confirmed me that it is really legal!
    (Will be probably also here legal, had heard finally yet nothing
    forbidden about that. Why also?)
    Would send the envelopes to following addresses:

    (#1) Fatma Sari, Papenkamp 17 A, D - 24114 Kiel, Germany
    (#2) Aneta Plaza, Papenkamp 17 A, D - 24114 Kiel , Germany
    (#3) Ahmet Ustura, Papenkamp 17 A, D - 24114 Kiel , Germany
    (#4) Mustafa Ustura, post-office box 4262, D - 24041 Kiel , Germany

    STEP 2: now that would paint see #1 of the list that you above and
    Would move up the other names.
    The address at the position #2 you write on position #1
    The address at the position #3 you write on position #2
    The address at the position #4 you write on position #3.
    After that you write YOUR address on Position #4.

    STEP 3: other at this article so few like possible, only what be
    actual must.
    It should receive remain if possible original.

    STEP 4: would send this mail-letter with a smile after your
    participation further.
    You postest (therefore publish) your supplemented article in, for
    example, 200 Newsgroups.
    (I think there over 100,000) everything what you are need 200, but
    would consider.
    The more you postest all more the more more money you make! There is
    many possibilities advertising for this program to make.
    That is complete legal! If you have any doubts, then blow under
    Titles 18 scnd. 1302 & 1341 of the postal service of lottery-laws

    FAVOR THINKS that the success of this program is based on the honesty
    and sincerity of the persons and its careful compliances with the rules.
    Only through it YOU have also what therefrom!! If you are earnest and
    honest, becomes
    This program further exist and got have will possess the money what so
    many other also you.
    COMMENT: storage each mail-address of the people that you money sent
    have. For example, on the computer. If now each postal service downloaded
    was printed out or and the directions were followed attentively, four are
    Members with respectively 1 Euro / 1 US - dollar or 1 British Pounds
    compensated become.
    Your name will slip in the list towards the top and received has
    become if it then the position #1 you get thousends in CASH!!! Send the
    envelopes now , write are your name in in the list and you are in the

    TYPE LIKE ONE, for example, in NEWSGROUPS POSTET--------
    STEP 1) you don't have to write yet once the entire article for your
    Characteristic posting.
    Mark simply the entire text and would select , copying ".
    STEP 2) an empty Notepad text file opens and would join now with the
    , Inserting "
    The text on. Now you can add your name of the list.
    STEP 3) storage your Notepad-file as a text file. You can now always
    Again on that back grasp.
    STEP 4) for example netscape or the Internet Explorer uses and would
    search for
    Newsgroups (Online fora, message Boards, chat sides , discussions.)
    STEP 5) visits these messages Boards and postal service this article
    as a new
    Message and would emphasize this especially. Insert simply the copied
    Write now yet what interesting into the reference line that it is
    ( It should if possible many read!) Click on the postal services
    message Button
    You are FINISHED with your first entry! Congratulation.... IT IS
    Everything what you are make must to jump of a Newsgroup to the next
    To continue this process. You begin first once , it does not last
    More long as 30 seconds for each Newsgroup.
    Therefore, honesty lasts longest, for if each sends its 4 Euros / U.S.
    dollar or British Pounds , gets each money!
    Who ready is 4 lousy Euros / U.S. dollar or British Pounds to invest,
    is rewarded with a multiple!

    Utilize your chance and be there.
    CAUTION !!!, Mar 11, 2006
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