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CCS does not show the Disassembled Assembly of the corresponding C Source in "Mixed Source/ASM" Mode

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by karthikbg, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. karthikbg

    karthikbg Guest

    I have enabled "Mixed Source/ASM" under the View Menu.
    But, i am unable to view Both the C Code and the corresponding Assembly
    instructions together . :( :( :( :( !!!!!
    I am following the rules exactly as told in the CCS. Is there any bug
    in this feature in CCS v3.1 ??

    I do as per the below info from CCS Help, But i am still unable to view
    Disassembled Instructions of each C statement within the sourcecode .

    Pls find the Info from CCS below ( I follow this obediently ):
    " To View Mixed C Source and Assembly Code, After loading a program
    onto your target or simulator:
    1) Select View?Mixed Source/ASM. A check mark identifies when this
    option is selected.
    2) Select Debug?Go Main.
    The debugger starts executing the program and stops execution at
    main(). The associated C source file is automatically displayed in an
    Editor window. Notice that the disassembled instructions for each C
    statement appear within the source code. Just as in the Disassembly
    window, the location of the PC is highlighted in yellow. "

    Why does CCS does not show the Assembly of the corresponding C Source ?
    Kindly let me know some solutions.

    Thx in advans,
    Karthik Balaguru
    karthikbg, Jan 26, 2007
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  2. CCS maintains its own forum at ccsinfo.com. You'll probably get a faster
    answer there, and if you're getting into CCS, that's a resource you should
    know about anyway.
    Scott Seidman, Jan 26, 2007
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  3. karthikbg

    karthikbg Guest

    Thx for your reply. But, I refer to the CCS (Code Composer Studio) for
    DSP & OMAP(Dual-core) processors.
    www.ccsinfo.com refers to the CCS Compiler for PIC Microcontrollers.

    It is related to Embedded & DSP. I thought some people here could share
    your experiences w.r.t it and let me know some quick solutions and
    hence posted here.
    Anyhow, i will be forwarding my query to TI's CCS also.

    Thx in advans,
    Karthik Balaguru
    karthikbg, Jan 26, 2007
  4. karthikbg

    Brad Griffis Guest

    Open your pjt file in a text editor and copy and paste it back here.
    Brad Griffis, Jan 26, 2007
  5. karthikbg

    karthikbg Guest

    Open your pjt file in a text editor and copy and paste it back here.-

    This is the Pjt file in Txt Format w.r.t my Code Composer Studio
    Compiler/Linker Settings that is causing Debugging Problems. Any
    problem in the settings ??

    ; Code Composer Project File, Version 2.0 (do not modify or remove
    this line)

    [Project Settings]

    [Source Files]

    ["Compiler" Settings: "Debug"]
    Options=-g -q -o3 -fr"\L1\L1Make\make\out" -i"\L1\L1Make\make\h" -
    i"\L1\L1Make\make\flash" -d"HELENP1_EVM" -d"OMAP1510" -d"ARM" -me -mt

    ["Compiler" Settings: "Release"]
    Options=-q -o3 -fr"\L1\L1Make\make\out" -i"\L1\L1Make\make\h" -
    i"\L1\L1Make\make\flash" -d"HELENP1_EVM" -d"OMAP1510" -d"ARM" -me -mt

    ["Linker" Settings: "Debug"]
    Options=-q -c -esetup -m"\L1\L1Make\make\Flash.map" -o"\L1\L1Make\make
    \out\Flash.out" -x

    ["Linker" Settings: "Release"]
    Options=-q -c -esetup -m"\L1\L1Make\make\Flash.map" -o"\L1\L1Make\make
    \out\Flash.out" -x

    Any Ideas ??

    Thx in advans,
    Karthik Balaguru
    karthikbg, Jan 29, 2007
  6. karthikbg

    karthikbg Guest

    Thx for your support . Finally, the problem got solved.
    I suspected that the problem might be mainly revolving around the
    Issue of symbols not getting displayed in the Symbol Browser Window in
    CCS (OMAP) .
    So, i went into analysing and debugging it. Once i made my .out file
    to get generated with the proper Symbol Info , i was able to view the
    Mixed Assembly & Source for my codes.
    I did find that my own Build File was overwritting the CCS settings/
    Configurations and the .out file was not getting generated with the
    proper debug informations as the Build Options in Makefile were not
    properly gernerating the debug informations. Finally , i am able to
    view Files, Functions, and Globals of my .out file.
    I am also able to see all the things enabled in the 'Mixed Source/ASM"
    option under the dropdown menu of 'View" .
    The options of "Source step in" and "Source step over" are Enabled now
    along with "Assembly step in" and "Assembly step over" options.
    I am also able to do CStep now. Further, in the Breakpoints List View,
    i am able to see the breakpoints of both C Source and Assembly (Now,
    There are no Question Marks displayed in the place of address of
    The great thing is , i am able to do 'Run to Cursor' and Step-in C

    Karthik Balaguru
    karthikbg, Jan 30, 2007
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