CD\DVD Drive won't recognize blank media

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Don, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Don

    WaIIy Guest

    This will help with the model number, firmware ID.

    Nero InfoTool

    Nero InfoTool provides information about the most important features of
    installed drives, inserted discs, installed software, and much more.
    WaIIy, Jan 2, 2008
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  2. Don

    RnR Guest

    In that case he should uninstall Roxio completely first and then
    install Nero or vice versa if he wants Roxio after trying Nero.
    RnR, Jan 2, 2008
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  3. Don

    Larry Guest

    According to Roxio if you have version 7 it might be ver8 to or earlier
    it won't work with IE7 an latest windows media player , it breaks DVD an
    VCD! (I have version7 it's killed those parts)and no patch. If you
    uninstall and it goes wrong they tell you to get a Microsoft Cleanup
    Check Roxio forum Legacy Products.
    Hope this helps some
    Larry, Jan 2, 2008
  4. Don

    smh Guest

    (This is just a stab in the dark.)

    Uninstall Roxio (and Drag-to-Disc). Then delete UpperFilters and
    LowerFilters keys in the registry under:


    Reinstall Roxio only (without Drag-to-Disc).

    If you are on winxp, run Autoplay Repair Wizard:

    BTW, you made a backup when you upgraded Roxio, didn't you. No?

    How could you be so careless and thoughtless!

    From: smh
    Date: 12/15/03
    Subject: should I download the update

    Mike Richter (cRoxio Shit) crapped:
    Is a backup essential now even for an update of Easy CD Cremator?

    From: Mike Richter (cRoxio Shit)
    Date: 5/5/01
    Subject: Why uninstall EZCD 5???

    I consider an image backup essential
    before any major software installation

    I suspect that those who have trouble are
    also careless - perhaps thoughtless - <=== Careless
    <=== Thoughtless
    about their use of their computer systems.

    Why any competent computer user would fail to 'buy'
    such inexpensive insurance is beyond me.

    From: "WayneC"
    Date: 5/5/01

    Yes Mike, I agree, Roxio should post a very BIG warning: Do not
    attempt to install ECDC 5 until you have made a full system
    backup, removed the backup media and stored it at least 100 yards
    away from any ECDC 5 component including the box it came in.

    From: Thomas A. Horsley
    Date: 5/6/01

    Yes, I imagine that's a habit folks who install Adaptec software
    develop quite early in the learning curve

    From: "Fishface"
    Date: 11/7/02

    Is that a representative of Roxio justifying software which
    doesn't properly uninstall? Is it so difficult for them to do
    that an attempt is made to defend their inability?

    Backup? Hell, I'm considering installing it alone on a separate
    installation on a separate partition on someone elses computer.

    smh, Jan 2, 2008
  5. Don

    Don Guest


    Windows Media Player won't recognize blank CD's either.
    The disks I am using is from a spindle that is about half gone that
    worked fine before the upgrade.
    I upgraded the firmware from the Dell web site for my drive.
    I am convinced the Roxio installation changed some setting. I had this
    very same problem when I first got my computer and Dell sent out a
    Tech to replace the drive. When he got there he checked it and said
    the drive was fine and changed some setting which he didn't share and
    it worked fine until the upgrade which was approx 16 months ago.

    Don, Jan 3, 2008
  6. Don

    Don Guest

    The previous version was the package that came with the computer.
    Don, Jan 3, 2008
  7. Don

    RnR Guest

    Don, at this point and as several have suggested, any reason why you
    can't go back to the old version? Our thinking is, it might still
    work for you. No guarantee it will but it might be your easiest
    solution and cheapest too. And if it does, please make a backup of
    your pc or laptop immediately after.
    RnR, Jan 3, 2008
  8. Don

    S.Lewis Guest

    While I've only been scanning this thread, I agree. Why not remove Roxio and
    reinstall the old version if that's possible?

    A system restore could "undo" that if needed almost surely.....
    S.Lewis, Jan 3, 2008
  9. Don

    RnR Guest

    Agreed Stew. I think many of us have suggested good ideas and have
    gone as far as we can without more input or being there. For some
    reason I get the feeling that Don doesn't want to go back but I'm just
    guessing. Well, I hope we have helped give him ideas to consider; I
    think we did but I guess that's up to him to decide. I feel his pain
    tho as it is frustrating even when you know more and still can't solve
    it :( . Sometimes I find that when I can't solve a problem directly
    I get creative and solve it indirectly by piecing several approaches
    together (for lack of better wording). Of course occasionally I
    overlook or forget an idea and the internet helps a lot (if you have
    the internet available at the time).
    RnR, Jan 3, 2008
  10. Don

    S.Lewis Guest

    It would also be easy/simple enough for the OP to run (Dell) diags on the
    drive first using readable CD media, and then test again with a readable DVD

    This would pretty fully test the drive at a hardware level on written CD's
    (but not blanks, obviously), and would almost surely rule out a base
    hardware fail >>>>pointing once again to some Windows/software application

    S.Lewis, Jan 3, 2008
  11. Don

    Don Guest

    The reason I hesitate to go back is I had the same problem before with
    the earlier version and a Dell Tech came out and changed some setting
    and all was well until I upgraded. I am trying to find out what this
    setting was he changed. I paid for the software and would like to use
    it if at all possible. As you know refund are unlikely once opened.
    Don, Jan 4, 2008
  12. Don

    RnR Guest

    I understand you Don but unfortunately can't make any great
    suggestion. All I can say is it seems "very" likely as a software
    only concern (of course I can't guarantee this but my best guess). I
    guess if you want you could play around with the settings in Roxio but
    make bkups before each change so you can restore back if it doesn't
    solve the problem. I've got a minor issue too that is software based
    but unrelated here. Good luck and I feel your pain :( .
    RnR, Jan 4, 2008
  13. Don

    olfart Guest

    I wonder if he asked Roxio ???
    olfart, Jan 4, 2008
  14. Don

    Jerry Guest

    My daughter's B130 laptop developed exactly this problem. Dell support
    told me the drive was defective and replaced it under warranty.

    Jerry, Jan 4, 2008
  15. Don

    Jerry Guest

    While troubleshooting my daughter's laptop DVD drive problem, I seem
    to recall seeing instructions somewhere to try disabling DLA (Drive
    Letter Access) - this may be the same thing as Drag To Disc.

    In any case, my problem was determined to be a hardware issue, and
    Dell replaced the drive.

    Jerry, Jan 4, 2008
  16. Don

    Don Guest

    I totally uninstalled Roxio and deleted the upper and lower filters as
    several have suggested. I am using Windows Media player and it will
    not recognize a blank disk either. At this point I don't think it
    would make any difference if I installed the old version of Roxio. I
    also ran the Dell diagnostics on the drives and it showed no errors.
    Don, Jan 5, 2008
  17. Don

    Ben Myers Guest

    Okay. Now download and install one or both, and try:

    1) ImgBurn
    2) CDBurnerXPPro

    Free downloads. Work adequately. Well worth the price and a try. Report
    results... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jan 5, 2008
  18. Don

    Don Guest

    Thanks to all you tried to help with my problem, I learned several
    good troubleshooting tips. My proble was one of the two lasers went
    south. Dell came out yesterday and replaced the burner unit and all is
    working fine, even Roxio.

    Thanks again,

    Don, Jan 10, 2008
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