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CD-ROM not recognized during boot - A20/A21

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by Joe S Slow, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. Joe S Slow

    Joe S Slow Guest

    I have I think an A20 or A21 and I know it used to boot off the cdrom
    because I installed Redhat on it. Now after not using it for over 6 months I
    decided to make something useful out of it. Problem is for some reason the
    CD-ROM does not get recognized during boot. The CD-ROM works because I
    plugged it into my other Thinkpad.

    When the computer boots you can hear the CD-ROM spin up but when you look at
    the boot screen you do see the usual 'Fixed disk 0: blah blah' BUT not the
    'ATAPI CD-ROM: blah blah' that I see with my other Thinkpad. Also when fully
    booted into Redhat I do not see it finding the CD-ROM. Now when I swap it
    out with another CD-ROM from the other Thinkpad, it acts funny as in when I
    eject it it will make funny noises then ejects and refuses to close (latch)
    when I push it close.

    I've opened this Thinkpad apart numerous times since I have opened it (and I
    do mean open it up completely). Now I was thinking somewhere in the process
    I have maybe missed a screw or a switch that I may have set it off by

    From what I can tell the computer still functions well except for the CD-ROM
    part which may be a pain because I will not be able to install any new OS on
    it without swapping out the hdd. I do not think this boots off USB because I
    do not even see the option in the BIOS for booting off USB devices.

    Any ideas?
    Joe S Slow, Oct 5, 2003
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