CD RW & DVD players don't recognize nor read CDs or DVDs !!!

Discussion in 'HP' started by ©¿©¬, Feb 1, 2004.

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    My Compaq Presario came with Win me two years ago. Since I installed "clean"
    W2K prof.
    Recently I've had numerous problems especially with the two drives, CD RW
    and CD/DVD
    player (Several weeks apart). The H/W is recognized and configured properly
    without any
    conflict, but when I insert a CD/DVD the LED blinks few times and nothing
    happens. Clicking on the drive letter generates error "Please insert a CD in
    the drive .... CANCEL"

    I posted this prob before and on the recommendations I cleaned the laser
    lenses, which is a good thing to do anyway, but no change. Actually I bought
    a new CD RW, install it and even burned one CD with it. Few days later it
    does not recognize a CD inside !!! just like the other one.

    The fact the new burner is one week old and it worked right after
    installation makes it unlikely suspect since the other two drives have the
    same symptoms.

    Things I've tried with no success:

    - Uninstalled devices & rebooted. New H/W found ...
    - Re-installed manufacturer's motherboard/chipset drivers
    - Re- flashed the BIOS
    - The ribbon cable connectvity test OK. Tester on one side and wired two
    pins on the other side. Of course, the ultimate test is to replace the
    ribbon, but I'm not convinced.
    - Boot with Win me Flopy, still can't read CDs.
    - PC Doctor demo S/W seems to stop everytime while examining the Registry "
    Windows Starting". It gives an erreor message #9, but doesn't say what is
    - Deleted all non essential S/Ws for now including Easy CD Creator that came
    with it.

    I wouldn't mind re-installing a clean W2K or Win me for that matter, except
    the PC can't read any OS CD !!! I Must have at least one CD player working,
    but how ?

    Any body experienced the same what was the problem / solution ?
    Anything else I can try to determine where is the problem in my PC ?
    Someone hinted at IDE Controller, how can I verify its functionality ?

    ©¿©¬, Feb 1, 2004
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