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CF WIFI !! Sandisk 802.11b CompactFlash WiFi + 128M and PMCIA adapter, swap or sale

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by real, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. real

    real Guest

    WI-FI 802.11b for your Handheld AND your laptop!

    Sandisk 802.11b CompactFlash WiFi + 128M and PMCIA adapter new in
    blister package! (and one out of blister package.)

    Win2k XP Win2k ME (and supposedly w98) compatible
    For Laptop and COMPACTFLASH pocket PC 2002 and othe CF type

    Also work as 128M CompactFlash memory in such thingies..
    If you dont mind the Wifi part hanging out the cf slot.
    No idea if it will suddenly make your digital camera wi-Fi'd

    fit you laptop via an INCLUDED CF/pmcia adapter card, usefull for
    your other CF cards, so you can load your digicam pix right into you
    laptop without using the ^&%&^%&^ cable.

    Swap for 256M 168pin pc100 sdram or 3x 128M same.
    Thats PC100 ...
    Want a bit more if its PC133, which is less usefull to me.
    I need to upgrade some older machines.

    I got these for my 2 old WIN98SE p133 laptops, but they just dont have
    the horsepower to run the app. One is still unopenned in its blister

    Or will sell for CA$25 ea & shipping If we swap, we handle our own
    respective shipping. I can take paypal cash xfer (no credit cards)

    Out of stock at GEEKS.COM, was US$20&shipping&hassle

    I guess it would be usefull to wifi a laptop, and you could load the
    card with pictures to take down to the whatever -mart to have them
    printed on those self-serve machines..

    Or xfer files and wifi capability btw your laptop and your CEorganizer
    or whatever..

    You can have one for some older memory lying around your parts bin..

    decode my insidiously clever spamproffed address to reply:

    mail of great high heat

    Thanks & Cheers..
    real, Oct 6, 2005
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