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CFP: International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications 2005-ICCIMA'

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Utthaman, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Utthaman

    Utthaman Guest

    We apologize if this is a duplicate email.

    International Conference on Computational Intelligence and
    Multimedia Applications, August 16-18, 2005
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
    F I R S T C A L L F O R P A P E R S

    The International Conference on Computational Intelligence and
    Multimedia Applications will be held at the University of Nevada, Las
    Vegas, USA on August 16-18, 2005. The conference will provide an
    international forum for discussion on issues in the areas of
    Computational Intelligence and Multimedia for scientists, engineers,
    researchers and practitioners. ICCIMA05 is organized jointly with
    International Conference on Systems Engineering (ICSE'05:
    www.icseng.info) and the registered participants of ICCIMA05 will be
    able to attend ICSEng05.

    The conference will include sessions on theory, implementation and
    applications, as well as the non-technical areas of challenges in
    education and technology transfer to industry. There will be both oral
    and poster sessions. Accepted full papers will be included in the
    proceedings to be published by IEEE CS Press. Selected papers will be
    published in "International Journal on Computational Intelligence and
    Applications" published by World Scientific Publishing Company Press.
    Several well-known keynote speakers will address the conference.

    Conference Topics Include (but not limited to):
    Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Neural Networks
    Pattern Recognition
    Fuzzy Systems
    Genetic Algorithms
    Hybrid Systems
    Intelligent Control
    Intelligent Databases
    Knowledge-based Engineering
    Learning Algorithms
    Memory, Storage and Retrieval
    Multimedia Systems
    Formal Models for Multimedia
    Interactive Multimedia
    Multimedia and Virtual Reality
    Multimedia and Telecommunications
    Multimedia Information Retrieval
    Multimedia and Security
    Multimedia Hardware
    Multimedia and Algorithms

    Special Sessions, Pre-Conference Workshops and Tutorial:

    Proposals for special sessions, pre-conference workshops and tutorials
    relevant to the conference topics are invited. The deadline for
    submitting the proposal is Feb 15, 2005.

    Special Poster Session:

    ICCIMA'05 will include a special poster session devoted to recent work
    and work-in-progress. Abstracts are solicited for this session (2 page
    limit) in camera ready form, and may be submitted up to 30 days before
    the conference date. They will not be refereed and will not be
    included in the proceedings, but will be distributed to attendees upon
    arrival. Students are especially encouraged to submit abstracts for
    this session.

    Invited Sessions

    Keynote speakers (key industrialists, chief research scientists and
    leading academics) will be addressing the main issues of the

    Important Dates:

    Submission of papers received latest on: March 10, 2005

    Submission of Papers

    Papers in English reporting original and unpublished research results
    and experience are solicited. Electronic submission of papers via
    www.iccima.org. Visit the web page for more information.

    Page Limits

    Papers for refereeing should be double-spaced and must include an
    abstract of 100-150 words with up to six keywords.
    Selected papers will have a limit of 6 pages in the proceedings to be
    published by IEEE.

    Evaluation Process

    All submissions will be refereed based on the following criteria by
    two reviewers with appropriate background.

    contribution to the area of research
    technical quality
    relevance to ICCIMA 2005 topics
    clarity of presentation

    Referees report will be provided to all authors.

    Check List

    Prospective authors should check that the following items are attached
    and guidelines followed while submitting the papers for refereeing

    * The paper and its title page should not contain the name(s) of
    the author(s), or their affiliation
    * The paper should have attached a covering page containing
    the following information

    -title of the paper
    -author name(s), title, affiliation, mail and e-mail
    addresses, phone
    and fax numbers
    -Conference topic area
    -up to six keywords

    * The name, e-mail, phone, fax and postal address of the contact
    person should be attached to the submission.

    Contact Information:

    ICCIMA' 05 Secretariat
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    4505 Maryland Parkway, Box 454026
    Las Vegas, NV 89154-4026

    Phone: +1 702 895 4184
    Fax: +1 702 895 1115
    URL: http://www.iccima.org/
    Utthaman, Jan 27, 2005
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