Chaintech 7AIA BIOS update for 160GB HD support

Discussion in 'Chaintech' started by Guest, Nov 7, 2007.

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    Hi, I'm trying to find out if there is a BIOS update for the Chaintech
    7AIA0 motherboard that will allow me to access a hard drive > 137GB
    with Win98SE. I emailed Chaintech support and they said there is an
    update that will support 250GB, but when I look through all the 7AIA0
    BIOS updates, none of the release notes mention anything about support
    for larger hard drives, and in fact, the latest update says it's not
    for the -F10AC BIOS - my BIOS chip is labelled -F10C. SO I'm hesitant
    to flash that update.
    I've tried to get more info out of Chain tech support, but they
    won't respond... so I'm hoping someone can answer these questions:

    1) Is there a BIOS update for the 7AIA0 motherboard that would support
    a 160GB HD under Win98SE ?

    2) Are the BIOS updates for this motherboard that say "Except 7AIA0-
    D10AC / E10AC / F10AC / G10AC / H10AC" (see link below) compatible
    for upgrading a BIOS device labelled
    "7AIA0-F10C ? (NOTE: mine is -F10C vs. -F10AC)

    Thanks in advance for any information that would help.

    Guest, Nov 7, 2007
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