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Chaintech Zenith Ultra 7NJS

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Daz, May 6, 2004.

  1. Daz

    Daz Guest

    Chaintech people - READ THIS !! IT INVOLVES YOUR COMPANY !!!!!!
    I would just like to say, although you make a great mainboard, your
    web-site and customer support STINKS!!!!! I say it again IT STINKS -
    Get it????

    Your web site loads at the speed of grass growing, perhaps slower ??
    Quite a few of your links are broken!!
    Driver downloads are one big joke!!

    I tried to download a new driver for my sound, after many painful
    minutes getting to the page in question, i am presented with a 218
    bytes/sec download speed, which promptly times out after a few hours?
    suprise suprise!!

    The file is only 2.63MB, and being on ADSL this should take 2 mins or

    I emailed you to request customer support as i am having issues with
    my sound after owning the new board for a very short time - NO REPLY
    !!! EVER!!

    Why make a great board, get dazzling reviews from on-line forums etc,
    then let the whole thing down with absolute NAFF web & customer

    My conclusion to all you potential customers out there in
    internet-land -

    Buy a chaintech zenith ultra - its well hot, but as far as customer
    support goes, if something goes pear-shaped -------- Forget it, go ask
    ya MAM, at least you will get a reply and some attention!!!

    I will say it once more for good luck - Chaintech sort ya Sh** out -

    DARREN WHEELER - uk - Burton on Trent (have a look for my tech request
    PLEASE mr chaintech man?)
    Daz, May 6, 2004
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