Change BIOS to Change OSs?

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by gpfromnc, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. gpfromnc

    gpfromnc Guest

    I recently bought a used Compaq Deskpro EN. It came with Win 2000
    loaded and a recovery disk (not a full operating system.) I bought the
    computer with the intent to partition the drive and load Mandrake Linux
    10. I'm not familiar with Win 2000 and I have a full install of Win 98
    SE so I took the original HD out of the Deskpro, replaced it with a
    different drive (thinking this would make the reformat easier AND
    preserve my ability to play around with win 2k at a later time), stuck
    the Win98 CD in the reader and rebooted. The Compaq BIOS recognized
    that the HD did not have a NTFS partition (I'm guessing on this) and
    refused to proceed further. So here are my questions:
    If I clear the CMOS and flash the BIOS with one from whoever made the
    motherboard, will it accomplish my purpose (allow me to load the OS of
    my choice?)
    Is this the best way to solve my problem, or is there a simpler

    System info:
    Compaq Deskpro EN PC 866
    Midtower case with 200W power supply
    HD Seagate Barracuda ATA, model ST320414A, 20 GB
    CPU Pentium III 866 Mhz
    Audio integrated
    Display Adapter Nvidia
    OS Windows 2000

    Thanks in advance

    gpfromnc, Dec 27, 2004
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  2. gpfromnc

    Ben Myers Guest

    First, reflashing the BIOS will not overcome any issues with the hard drive.
    The Deskpro EN BIOSes are operating system neutral.

    Second, press the F10 key to enter the BIOS setup and then examine the info the
    BIOS shows about the hard drive you installed. Check the hard drive jumpers for
    proper master-slave setup.

    Third, the only BIOS available for a Compaq motherboard is from Compaq. There
    may be a later BIOS on the HPaq web site.

    Fourth, to install Windows 98 on the computer, you need drivers for the
    motherboard chipset, the nVidia graphics, audio, and the built-in network
    adapter. Trust me. They are not on the Windows 98 CD. Download all the
    drivers, and, hopefully, burn them onto a CD and copy the CD contents onto the
    hard drive after formatiing it and before installing the OS. Once Windows 98
    has done the best job it can, install the motherboard drivers, followed by the
    other drivers. You may not be able to find the drivers on the HPaq web site for
    Windows 98. For the motherboard drivers, use the Intel web site and download
    the motherboard drivers for ANY Intel 815 chipset board. Download the nVidia
    TNT2 drivers from the nVidia web site. Download the network drivers from the
    Intel web site after identifying the on-board Ethernet chip, either Intel 82557
    or maybe 82559. The audio is an ADI chip, and ADI may have Windows 98 reference
    drivers for the chip... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Dec 28, 2004
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