Changes between GA-7N400 *** Pro 2 (Rev. 1???) *** and GA-7N400 *** Pro 2 REV. 2 *** Boards (Anyone

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Hammer Toe, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Hammer Toe

    Hammer Toe Guest

    Anyone know what Gigabyte CHANGED?? Anything new

    Hammer Toe, Jun 7, 2004
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  2. Hammer Toe

    jpsga Guest

    I believe they changed the Serial Raid controller chip to the SIL 3512. It
    was the SIL3112.
    jpsga, Jun 8, 2004
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  3. Hammer Toe

    rotor Guest

    The Change I noticed was that They Improved the Raid chips on the
    board which made the boot-up times a lot quicker Although I never
    tried the Sata, Aparentlly the same apllies.
    Also the board benchmarked better proving a little quicker in overall
    When I was doing a lot of video work, I had 3 extra hd's in my machine
    to cope with the massive Avi's and Vob's And found that the anoying
    thing was waiting for the machine to boot up.
    I had 3200xp barton at the time and expected to be up and running a
    lot faster than the machine was doing.
    Stupid really because Who really cares about boot-up times?
    but it was one of my quirks.
    Another thing I found strange was that the board ran best with 1 gig
    of ram as opposed to 1.5 gig but I was and still am using twinmos as I
    had probs with Kingston, Perhaps It was that, But I havent got the
    Time or Finances to experiment with different Rams so I left it at
    Also Another difference which is quite important is the inclusion of a
    Bios Jumper on the board, as Any attempt to overclock the Ver.1 board
    would lead to a lock up, only way out of it was to remove the Cmos
    Battery for a few mins, and with a heavily laden machine this proved
    Ver.2 has a jumper to short out,saving a lot of hassle.
    Iv'e gone 64bit now but have kept 3200 and use it as a second machine
    I cant seem to sell it as its such a good performer, Only reason for
    upgrading to 64 bit was for video prossessing work which the new chips
    exell in. games are also a lot quicker just as a matter of interest.
    Pentium eat your heart out.

    rotor, Jun 9, 2004
  4. Hammer Toe

    Hammer Toe Guest

    Just wanted to say THANKS VERY MUCH for the extensive reply; it wqs
    most informative.

    I DID notice (finally) the BIOS ERASE jumper today just before I
    closed the case up to put the system into 'production' - MOST useful,
    I agree.

    All in all (like you, apparently), I've been quite happy with the
    7N400 Pro 2. This Rev. 2 is my second board and while I can find a few
    things to quibble about, feature-wise, from a 'bang for the buck'
    standpoint (features, again) it's tough to beat.

    Both my boards have proven to be VERY stable. I'm running XP2500+'s as
    XP3200+'s ([email protected]) with Generic DDR400 and they (again) have
    proven to be VERY stable (not ONE glitch during OS+App SW installation
    (@3200+ settings) and perf is exceleent. I also REALLY like the extra
    IDE controllers - my Personal system is loaded with 6HDs, a CD writer
    and a DVD Writer..

    Thanks again. And BTW, could you supply with with some brief info
    about the 64 bit system you are running - specifically the MB/Chipset,
    Memory and EXACTLY what processor?

    Hammer Toe, Jun 10, 2004
  5. Hammer Toe

    rotor Guest

    Right, Where do I start!

    Gigabyte GA-K8NNXP Motherboard nForce3 150 Chipset
    Athlon 64 3200 (2000 Mhz)
    Twinmos 400 DDR 1.5 gig
    Nvidia 5950 ultra Gfx card By Leadtek (For the video capture function)
    Dvd Reader and writer By Lg
    Soundblaster Audigy soundcard (Tried Audigy 2 but Didnt like it)
    I suppose its my ears on that one, sound is what your happy with isnt
    it everyone hears things differently.
    Creative 4.1 speaker system because I didnt want too many speakers
    cluttering my desk. But might just go to 5.1 for the front middle
    speaker as my mates sound great.
    Maxtor 200 gig Sata Hd For storage and a couple of external usb Hd's
    For plugging in as and when required, Used to have them internally but
    didnt see the sense in having Hd's spinning away all the time doing
    nothing so unplugged them out of Ide3 and 4 and bought a couple of
    external Shells with the usb coversion cables and Fire them up as and
    when needed.
    Needless to say my machine is used for everything.
    Games, Dvd Movie creation Cd Burning Photo editing Letter writing
    Label making, You Name it!
    So as you see, Good Sound, Graphics and Memmory are a must.
    and of course prosessing speed.
    My wishlist is A new radeon X800 with 16 pipes, as I find radeon cards
    quicker than Nvidia.
    Did a benchmark with my mate as he has the same machine a Me almost
    With 3d Mark 2003 and my machine came up with 5998 with Nvidia, My
    mates radeon 9800xt came up with 6540 which is pretty anoying.
    Differences between 3200 barton and 3200 64, Just as the big boys say
    About a 10 percent speed increase in performace but it seems a lot
    quicker as windows xp loads in about 30 secs and shuts down almost
    immediately Which is good really because I run Norton av and zone
    alarm for protection.
    Games runn better, disk access is quicker windows open and close
    instantly programs load a lot faster. and of course Converting mpg's
    to dvd takes a lot less time now.
    If you can, It would be a very good move to change to 64bit but if you
    cant, dont worry because there is nothing wrong with the barton range
    of athlons, the 2.5 being the best one for overclocking.
    After all for gaming, a decent Graphics card is the more important, as
    these days they take all of the load off the Cpu anyway.

    rotor, Jun 14, 2004
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