Changing Drive Letters

Discussion in 'Dell' started by journey, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. journey

    journey Guest

    I would like my new internal hard drive which I added to be drive D.
    Right now the drive letters are:

    D - DVD ROM
    E - CD/DVDRW burner
    F Card Reader
    G ""
    H ""
    I ""

    I know where Disk Management is. Is there any danger from renaming I
    -- J, H --> I, G -->H, etc?

    I dont think anything expects a CD to be a certain letter (like some
    games might).

    journey, Apr 8, 2006
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  2. journey

    Curt Guest

    You should have no problems at all as long as there are letters available in
    DM. I've got my 3 optical dives at the end of the string, X, Y and Z. Boot
    drive is of course C, with partitions and additional HD's, card readers and
    a USB flash drive in between. Same setup on backup box.
    Curt, Apr 8, 2006
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  3. journey

    S.Lewis Guest

    Change the card readers and then optical drives out to available letters (V,
    W, X. Y, Z), then refresh. You can then change your second hard disk to D:\,
    and then bring the opticals back in as E:\ and F:\................and then
    the other devices.

    Won't hurt a thing unless you you've some path right now on a program or
    shortcut (or mapped drive) pointing to the current letter of the second
    drive. In which case, you'll have to remove and recreate those paths to the
    new drive letter.

    S.Lewis, Apr 9, 2006
  4. journey

    journey Guest

    Worked like a charm! I have my C & D internal drives, then the DVD
    ROM, DVD +/- RW, four Card Reader drives, and 7 externals.

    Having the extra 250G drive makes the computer usable for Media Center
    recordings. I also changed the quality of the media center recording
    to the lowest -- for most things I am into content, not quality of

    Half of my externals are used for backing up everything else. It
    seems like a waste to have them dedicated to that, but I guess that's
    how things should be to have backups. I really don't want to learn
    about compression and incrumental backups, but I suppose I will have
    to, because periodic entire copies of one 250G drive to another
    probably puts too much wear and tear on the drives. I need to learn
    to use Second Copy.

    The final thing I need is to have copies of my important data (not
    MP3's, but Quicken files, etc) copied to DVD and stored in a safe
    deposit box.

    Thanks again Stew, Christopher, and everyone else -- I didn't realize
    that it is this easy to install an additional hard drive, and you've
    saved me a _lot_ of money.

    journey, Apr 9, 2006
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