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Cheapest TPC?

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Alan Whitehouse, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I have decided that due to my job requirements and how powerful TPC's are
    today that I can't justify one for my primary computer. However, I do end
    up taking tons of handwritten written notes on a daily basis and have to
    spend lots of time transcribing those notes into electronic format to share
    with others in the company.

    What is need is the slate version of TPC that will only be used to run MS
    Office and do some occassional web browsing. Because of that and how I
    plan to use it, I want to go cheap, cheap, cheap.

    Any suggestions?

    Alan Whitehouse, Aug 26, 2003
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  2. Alan,

    You're right, the TabletPCs that are out right now are very expensive
    relative to what you can get in a notebook. But you don't have to buy
    it new. You can always buy a used unit through EBay. As long as the
    unit is under a warranty, you should be pretty comfortable.

    That's what I did, I purchased a TC1000 that was on EBay for $1125.
    That's about what others are selling the unit for. Admittedly, I
    think I got a better deal because the unit I purchased also came with
    a docking station and a three year warranty. It would fulfill all of
    your requirements, it's techically a convertable, but the keyboard
    comes off and it becomes a slate. At only 3lbs. and with a battery
    that can go for 4 hours with the WI-FI turned off, it's a pretty nice
    device for the price.

    In fact, when I got the unit, the pen didn't work correctly. It is,
    unfortunately, a known issue on the TC1000 line. So I called Compaq,
    gave them the unit's serial number and asked for a replacement pen.
    They are shipping it overnight. I should have the replacement
    tomorrow. That's pretty good service in my book.

    Even if a unit is refurbished, it shouldn't matter as long as the
    warranty covers the unit as though it were new.

    The 256 MB TC1000 is a nice unit. Though I would not suggest it
    unless you were willing to spend an extra $140 or so to purchase the
    extra 512 MB to max it out to 768 MB. It is a SLOW machine with 256
    MB of RAM. Also, that's not a "relative" statement. IT'S SLOW. But
    with all the patches, updates, bios upgrades and 768 MB of RAM, it's
    fine (that IS a relative statement).

    On the other hand, if $1200 - $1,300 is too expensive, then yeah,
    you're pretty much out of luck.

    On a side note, people are still selling the ProGear on EBay which was
    an early tablet type of PC BEFORE the TabletPC spec was released by
    Micosoft. I actually bought one (and sold it within a month). Now
    THAT WAS SLOW!. But, you can still get one and it WILL do what you
    want. But I'll warn you, it's s l o w w w w w.....

    Also, when the newer line of Tablet PCs comes out at the end of
    October (to coincide with the release of Office 2003) you should see
    the price of units drop on EBay as people dump "older" units for the
    nice shiny ones! ;-)

    Good luck!
    Stephen Feger, Aug 27, 2003
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  3. Thanks for the info.


    Alan Whitehouse, Aug 27, 2003
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