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Chinese MPRC Unity-863 Procesor

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Guru Google, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Guru Google

    Guru Google Guest

    And you're wrong. :) A large market could use another OS with a
    larger force to resist you r new OS unless your new OS is indeed
    better -- but if your new OS is better, market other than China is
    gonna after this new OS too.

    Or you can expect China consumers to be patriotic to ignore the
    quality of CPU and use domestic stuffs,liek they protest over Toyota
    ads in the nonsense way. :)
    So which part you wanna make? China wanna build her own Intel DX2 486
    mnilitary processor so Ms. Gao Zhan don't need export violation to
    ship to China? Hehe.
    Like it or not, KL Mok can be rich.
    Mok can buy some stocks and its price go 10000% so he becomes a
    Mok can run a porn web site and become a milionaire.
    Mok can wint Alberta lotto and become a millionaire.

    The result is the same, and the process is different. Mok don't care
    aboutthe process. :) Like Mok don't care how China become a major
    tech power, by inventing its own, or by pirating others.

    Fine for China to go ambitious to be independent from outside sources.
    Now wish China has the environment to allow innovention to flourish.
    Hehe, everyone say so. Via tech says so, AMD says so, Intel say so,
    Rambus say so.

    So, any specific on MPRC-863? clock rate, pipeline depth, how many
    instruction it retire eac time?

    Oops, I went to the page
    http://www.agilent.com/about/newsroom/presrel/2003/04nov2003a.html and
    now I found the so-called MPRC 863 processor is a joint effort between
    Agilent Technology and China MPRC regarding test solution.

    The Unity-863 SOC CPU use Taiwan TSMC 0.25um process.

    Making breakthru in CPU is one thing. Making them profitable is
    There is also other player like AMD, Transmeta, and so forth.
    A dirt cheap OS which is slow, tons of security holes and lack of
    supporting software is surely someone like you wanna use. :)
    Guru Google, Dec 9, 2003
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