Chipset Drivers with HP Pavilion a530n with XP SP2

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Sid Joyner, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Sid Joyner

    Sid Joyner Guest

    Has anyone installed the latest nVidia unified driver set on the nVidia web
    site for the a530n with XP Pro SP2? It concerns me that nVidia does not even
    list the nForce 150 chipset as supported on the page.

    In addition, HP has not updated it chipset driver page since the original
    driver set.

    Thanks for any driver advice. I'm about to reinstall everything on this
    machine. I've had bad problem with this machine since installing SP2.
    Sid Joyner, Dec 28, 2004
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  2. Sid Joyner

    Ben Myers Guest

    Do not expect HP to update the drivers for its machines. It rarely does. Now
    Compaq DID do a good job of posting updated drivers, but the HP mindset toward
    treating customers seems to have won out. :(

    You're better off downloading updated drivers from the chipset manufacturers'
    web sites. Chipsets do not change any more from model to model of computer. No
    company in the industry can afford to fool around with modified chipsets and the
    higher all-round costs associated therewith... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Dec 28, 2004
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  3. What sort of problems do you have that you think would be resolved by a
    chipset driver update. The MoBo is a special Asus board made for HP with
    AMI BIOS. The chipset update mostly seems to address RAID issues.

    The only problems I had with mine is that I installed SP2 long before
    being aware that HP needed numerous updates for its software _before_
    installing SP2, and no clue what to do after SP2 was installed. I had no
    problems until months later, possibly due to a Windows update (SP2
    installed Aug 15, spontanious reboots and other problems started late
    Oct). Error code for reboots was unknown to Microsoft, so I enabled
    full error logging and uploaded a complete memory dump when it happened
    again. The reboot problem seems to have gone away.

    I uninstalled other malfunctioning HP or HP installed software like HP
    Image Zone and GameZone(?). HP Help & Support is still broken and cannot
    update itself (downloaded manual update also fails without giving a
    reason). Any other software runs fine on my a530n with XP Home, 64-bit XP
    Pro Beta (w/64-bit video from nVidia and AC'97 sound driver from Realtek),
    and 64-bit SuSE 9.1 Linux. Only HP related software seemed to be acting

    I did have to install a bigger power supply when I upgraded my video card,
    because the stock unit cannot even handle half of its 250w rating.
    Before reinstalling or trying any other OS (even 64-bit XP), make sure
    that you have made the recovery tools CD and recovery DVD or CDs and back
    up anything you do not want to lose to some media other than the hard

    If reinstalling Win XP from scratch, make sure you download the HP
    software updates first and save on a CD (or flash RAM), so you can install
    them before installing SP2. I get nVidia video drivers right from nVidia.
    And I am using a better AC'97 sound driver right from
    (32-bit for XP Home and 64-bit for XP 64).
    David Efflandt, Jan 6, 2005
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