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Choosing between Microchip's C18 compiler or the CCS compiler

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by johannblake, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. johannblake

    johannblake Guest

    I'm in the process of choosing between either using Microchip's C18
    compiler or the CCS compiler. I've read the comparisons as far as
    features go and both are comparable although CCS does seem to have
    somewhat more features.

    But one of the really big factors is simply how big the developer
    communities compare. How much sample code is there on the web for both
    compilers. When I google the keywords "C18" "code" and "sample" I come
    up with 180,000 results, but when I google "CCS", "code" and "sample",
    I come up with nearly 1,000,000. This doesn't really tell me that there
    is more code out there for CCS but after visiting several web sites, I
    almost get the feeling that there is.

    Another issue is whether it is even possible to take C code written for
    the C18 and compile it with the CCS compiler. Is this possible or will
    there be major problems?

    One of the things I wanted to include in my first project was support
    for Zigbee (the new low power wireless protocol). Microchip not only
    has a free stack but includes sample code and schematics on how to
    interface to 2 vendor chips. CCS has nothing although I did find code
    on the web from one developer. CCS did mention that they will provide
    Zigbee support the first quarter of this year but I'll believe it when
    I see it.

    So while CCS does seem to have more code in general, it is obvious that
    they do lack in some areas.

    Any thoughts or experience that you can share on what to go with. If
    you've worked with either compiler, please let me know your experience.

    Johann Blake
    johannblake, Jan 15, 2006
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  2. johannblake

    diggerdo Guest

    HiTech C for PICs is proven reliable.
    Microchip had some troubles developing C compilers some years ago, so
    IMO. CCS isn't in the same league as HiTech.

    HiTech is expensive, but you save alot of money in the long run going with
    proven tools.
    diggerdo, Jan 15, 2006
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  3. CCS is a very good "low cost" compiler. However if you want to use
    Microchip's zigbee stack then you have no choice : You HAVE to use either
    Microchip C (recommanded as this will give you a one-shop solution) or
    Hitech (which is also supported I guess). Except if you like to convert and
    debug a quite complex protocol stack with another compiler... Personnaly I
    don't like Hitech as it is impossible to link Hitech C code with plain
    microchip asm code (you have to use hitech's assembler too).

    Robert Lacoste, Jan 16, 2006
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