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Clean your PC with top 5 tools

Discussion in 'Intel' started by anyue, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. anyue

    anyue Guest

    No matter how meticulous you are in limiting the number of fre
    downloads you install on your PC or laptop, your computer will stil
    get jam-packed with junk that restricts performance, clogs up your har
    disk, and makes system crashes more likely.
    Some of the useless programs came with your PC, but much of it ha
    accumulated over time, as a result of installing and uninstallin
    programs, creating and saving files, and even simply surfing the web.
    But things don't have to be that way: Downloadable software can clea
    up your PC and give it a new lease on life. We've put together 20 file
    that will do the job - your PC will thank you for it.
    We'll start with some broader or wider-ranging utilities; there's som
    overlap in what they do, but half the fun is trying them out.
    PC Decrapifier
    You buy a shiny, brand-new PC. You expect it to be clean, lean, an
    mean. Wrong! Buy any new PC, and you'll find it full of 'craplets'
    software installed for no reason other than that the PC maker gets pai
    to put it there. These craplets slow down your PC startup and it
    general operation.
    The free PC Decrapifier removes dozens of craplets automatically. Usin
    this program is exceedingly simple. Just run it, and it does its remova
    work automatically. Don't expect it to completely clean your PC, becaus
    it removes only a specific set of craplets and trialware programs
    namely, those that are specifically put on new PCs, such as QuickBook
    Trial, Wild Tangent Games, Dell URL Assistant, and many others. For
    full list, go to the developer's site. Note that when using thi
    program, it's a good idea to tell it first to create a restore poin
    just in case it removes something that you wanted to keep.
    AyRecovery is a PC security and protection software offering P
    Rollback, File Recovery, System and Data Security and Drive Imagin
    AyRecovery instantly undo PC problems by reverting the PC back to las
    hour, yesterday, last week or last month; System crashes, fil
    corruptions, virus infections...could take hours to days to repair
    AyRecovery eliminates the hassles and headaches of troubleshootin
    common PC problems by instantly returning the PC to hours or day
    before the onset of the problems.
    Dedaulus System Cleaner
    If you're looking for a simple, easy way to do basic system cleaning
    and don't want to pay a penny for it - then this is the program fo
    you. It cleans temp files and internet traces, finds duplicate files
    and fixes Registry errors. It'll do more as well, including showing yo
    all programs that load on system startup, and deleting and uninstallin
    programs. Don't expect bells or whistles or a fancy interface. But fo
    straight-ahead, simple system cleaning, this is a winner.
    TuneUp Utilities 2007
    This all-in-one program costs $40 (£20) but has just about ever
    clean-up tool you could name. Looking to remove unneeded files fro
    your hard disk? It'll do it. Clean up and optimise your Registry? It'
    in there as well. Perform an overall system optimisation? Yes, it doe
    that also, and plenty more as well, including controlling whic
    programs run on startup, and even undeleting files - or completel
    destroying files, if you want to protect your privacy.
    WinSettings Pro
    This all-in-one system cleaner costs $50 (£25) but includes a slew o
    extra features. It'll find and remove junk files, duplicate files, an
    internet history; it also comes with a very nice cookie cleaner tha
    shows you every cookie on your system, including each one's contents
    and lets you delete the ones you no longer want. It has plenty o
    features beyond system cleaning, including a variety of Registry tool
    that claim to speed up internet access, and tools for a variety o
    other tasks such as customising Internet Explorer

    anyue, Mar 19, 2008
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