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CNN Money: Nintendo Wii in September or October

Discussion in 'ATI' started by AirRaid Mach 2.5, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Nintendo has stated numerous times that its
    next generation video game machine will be less expensive than the
    competition. Now it appears that it might be on store shelves
    considerably earlier than many were expecting as well.

    While Nintendo has not made any formal announcements about the launch
    date for the Wii, most of the industry has expected the machine to hit
    retail at approximately the same time as Sony's PlayStation 3 (which is
    set for November 17). Now, industry observers - and insiders - say they
    expect the system to be available in October, with late September a
    dark horse candidate.

    Indeed, the company appears to be already manufacturing final retail
    units of the Wii, according to a June 21st analyst's note from P.J.
    McNealy of American Technology Research. That would give it a
    significant head start over Sony (Charts), which has yet to begin final
    manufacturing of the PlayStation 3. Microsoft's first Xbox 360 did not
    roll off the assembly line last year until 69 days before the on sale
    date of Nov. 22. (That late start in production is the root cause
    behind last holiday's shortages.)


    Nintendo has downplayed any suggested dates. Other industry insiders,
    who asked not to be named, though, said they, too, are expecting a
    September or October launch for the Wii.

    Early manufacturing will certainly help Nintendo do a better job of
    meeting consumer demand. New console launches traditionally sell out
    fast. Because of manufacturing problems, Microsoft (Charts) was not
    able to come anywhere close to meeting worldwide demand. Widespread
    shortages of the PlayStation 3 are also expected. Nintendo, like Sony,
    has given guidance that it expects to ship 6 million units by March

    A pre-November launch wouldn't be an unusual move for the company. In
    fact, it was only with the GameCube that the company opted for a
    November release for a home system. The NES, which established the
    company as a force in the gaming space, was released in the U.S. on
    Oct. 18, 1985. The Nintendo 64 dropped on Sept. 29, 1996.

    Pricing for the Wii remains a question mark, but the most likely price
    points are $199 or $249. That would put it considerably below the PS3,
    which will sell two versions for $499 and $599. Microsoft is not
    expected to cut the prices of the two versions of the Xbox 360, which
    currently cost $299 and $399.

    That price would also be closer to the sweet spot for mainstream
    consumers, which the company has said is its primary target this
    generation. The Wii breaks many of the video game industry's
    traditional rules for a "next generation" console. Graphics on games
    that have been shown to media are not dramatically better than those
    found on GameCube games - and the system will not support high
    definition video, unlike its competitors who are using the move to
    HDTVs as a major part of their system. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata
    has also vowed to keep game prices lower than the $60 price tag for
    many Xbox 360 games (a price that's expected to be mirrored for many
    PS3 titles).

    The most unusual aspect of the Wii, however, is its controller, which
    resembles a television remote-control. Instead of worrying about which
    button or which thumbstick corresponds to which action, Wii players
    will simply move their hands and wrists. That movement is then
    translated into onscreen movements. The remote also features two
    prominent buttons where the player's thumb and forefinger will rest.

    Nintendo also has yet to announce the full list of games that will
    launch alongside the Wii, though it has confirmed "The Legend of Zelda:
    Twilight Princess" and "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption" - the latest
    installments in two of the company's premier franchises - will be
    available on day one. A new Mario game - "Super Mario Galaxy" - is deep
    in development, but will most likely come out after the Wii has

    AirRaid Mach 2.5, Jul 6, 2006
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  2. i'd love to see prime 3 as a first-day release. i can't imagine it's
    that far along, though.

    it would certainly shake things up if nintendo released "early."
    Pez D Spencer, Jul 6, 2006
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  3. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    TheGame Guest

    If this is true, then this will be the first time that sony's console
    will be launched last. The big N has apparently learned from the
    miscues in the past. The question is, after buying Wii and a couple
    games at launch, will Wii owners spend another $700 (PS3 premium +
    game) when PS3 is launched?
    TheGame, Jul 6, 2006
  4. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    Rowdy J Guest

    A few will -- but most will be more than satisfied with their 360's and
    Rowdy J, Jul 6, 2006
  5. AirRaid Mach 2.5

    Fred Liken Guest

    I won't be, considering the Sony won't have any must have games at launch.
    Fred Liken, Jul 6, 2006
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