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CoJ request/idea: No more tab/scores during a round.

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, May 12, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    When playing multiplayer I always keep a look on the score list/tab list...
    to see how many enemy players are alive and how many friendly players are a

    When the number of friendly players is much higher than the number of enemy
    players we can make a charge and usually win...

    This in itself creates a certain type of dynamic/gameplay.

    However I wonder what would happen if the tab list is not available during a
    round... only after the round is over should it be available.

    This should be a server option.

    This will probably make the game more difficult... maybe also a bit more
    boring... but maybe also a bit more interesting in different ways...

    Like people have to stick closer together to know who's alive and who's

    Or maybe the voice system could be expanded/used to "ping" who's still
    alive... for example shouts throughout the level...

    This could also make the surround sound system more valuable and the sound
    system itself...

    So players should be able to scream/shout:

    "You still alive over there buddy ?"

    Then the friendlies can say:

    "Yes I am still here" :)

    Ofcourse of he gots shot later on then ofcourse not which would be kinda

    This would probably create a new kind of dynamic gameplay... where the
    enemies can hear these friendly calls/shouts as well... so they can more
    easily locate the enemy...

    I think this represents an interesting dilemma to play:

    "Do I shout out to know who's still alive ?"

    "Or do I be silent ?" ;) :)

    "Do I answer the call and reveal my position ?"

    "Or do I remain silent... and let my friendly be screwed ?"

    ^^^ Interesting dilema's ! ;) :)

    Skybuck =D
    Skybuck Flying, May 12, 2009
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  2. (Two idea's further explained way below):

    This idea can further be expanded:

    Shout examples:

    "I saw three enemies !"

    "I saw two enemies !"

    "I saw one enemy !"

    "I saw four enemies they coming !"

    "Prepare for enemy assault !"

    "Let's charge them !"

    "Let's assault them gogogo !"

    "On the roof !" <- important shouts should be easily accesible ;)


    Also maybe questions:

    "Do you see anybody ?"

    "How many enemies ?"

    "Who's still alive ?"

    "Where the f*ck are you ? ;) :)"

    "Regroup !"

    "Retreat !!!"

    "Pull back !"

    "Where are they coming from ?"

    "What kind of enemies ?"

    "Enemy Snipers !"

    "Enemy Miners !"

    "Enemy Rifflemen !"

    (Suddenly reminds me a little bit of BF2 which is kinda lame... it shouldn't
    be or feel the same but ok ;)".

    "I need a sniper over here !"

    "Sniper cover please !?"

    "I am pinned down"

    "I can't go anywhere... they got me surrounded ?!"

    "I am surrounded HELP ?!"

    "Move it !"

    "Stay out of my way ?!"

    "Don't get it in my way ?!"

    "Look out !"

    "Here we go ?!"

    "Here I go cover me ?!"

    "Seek cover !"

    "Watch out enemy sniper ?!"


    "Behind the left rock".

    "Behind the center rock".

    "Behind the right rock".

    "On the left top rock."

    "On the right top rock/hill".

    "In the bush !"

    "In the window !".

    "In the house !".

    "Use dynamite as smoke cover ?!"

    "Stop them with dynamite !"

    "Provide dynamite barriage !".

    "Provide dynamite wall !".

    "Incoming !"

    "Are lines are broken ?!"

    "Enemie's behind our lines !".

    "Break through their lines !"

    "Rush them !"

    "Hold positions !"

    "Everbody defend a corridor !"

    "Everbody defend something".

    "Everbody defend a cactus !" ;) :)

    "Use cactus as cover".

    "Hold your ground !"

    "Aim better !"

    "Remain calm !"

    "Don't let them drive you crazy stay cool !" ;) :)

    "LOL" :)

    "I got one !"

    "Two down !"

    Just some suggestions ;) :)

    I can probably think of many more... but this willlllll have to do for

    Problem is ofcourse selecting the good/best ones and making them nicely
    accessible ?!

    Actually I just had an idea:

    The game could have thousands and thousands of voice messages in a database.

    And then the player/gamer can simply select the voice messages it wants to
    "bind" to a key.... or which ones it wants in the "voice menu".

    That would be an excellent choice ! ;) :)

    This way messages could be very generic... and also maybe some very

    Or maybe even better:

    Make a sentence builder.... so that players can make their own voice
    messages out of pre-recorded words.... and stuff them in their voice

    Then when they join the server this gets transmitted to the server so the
    server knows it as well so that the others can hear it too when it gets
    played ! ;) :)

    Seems like both two great idea's to me ! ;) :)

    Skybuck Flying, May 12, 2009
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  3. Another idea could what I shall call:

    "Context aware voice messages".

    Battlefield 2 has something samiliar:

    When a soldier is spotted it will say:

    "Enemy soldier spotted".

    When a sniper is spotted it will say:

    "Enemy sniper spotted".

    The user still used one command: "Spot".

    So the game itself looks at the context to see what sound/message "play".

    Call of Juarez could do something samiliar and even more complex...

    When the player seems three enemie's running far away across the map the
    player could
    trigger the "voice action" button...

    So then it's character will simply say:

    "I see three enemies running far away !"

    So when the player sees a sniper on the roof it can automatically say:

    "I see a sniper on the roof !"

    When the player is surrounded with enemies which he can hear or see...
    especially see... before... even if he's behind a wall he will say:

    "Help I am surrounded ?!"

    When a miner runs at him/them he can say:

    "Watch out enemy miner throwing dynamites !"


    I think this is what Call of Juarez currently lacks a little bit... not
    enough voices going on... not enough team communication...

    It makes the game nice and quiet but at the same time it's also tactically a
    bit weak ;)

    Skybuck Flying, May 12, 2009
  4. Also,

    "Jack was shot by Jason".

    These kinds of messages can be exploited.

    If Jack was in front of me... then I know where Jason is possibly... he was
    somewhere around Jack...

    So now I know I have to be carefull and I could surprise Jason.

    So it could be better if no such messages are displayed except my own:

    ("Skybuck was killed by Jason").

    This way... I will not know what happened to Jack... he could be still
    alive... or maybe he was killed... I don't know...

    This would create more realism...

    So again this creates an interesting dilemma:

    "I hear a shootout taking place... I know Jack is combatting somebody...
    because I know Jack was in front of me... but maybe I lost sight of him...
    so I don't know if it's save to go there... it could be save it could also
    not be save ;) :)"

    Skybuck Flying, May 15, 2009
  5. To give people an idea who shot who after the round is over the following
    could be done for the score list at the end of a round:

    Red Team KilledBy Blue Team KilledBy
    1 Skybuck Bart 1 Jack Skybuck
    2 Jason Bart 2 Ripper Girl
    3 Girl Crazy 3 Bart
    4 Dope LuckyLuke 4 Crazy Lady
    5 Lady Ripper 5 LuckyLuke

    This would give the team players some idea who was killed by who...

    However even this tiny little bit of information can be exploited... even
    currently in the game...

    When the top players have been eliminated then I know it's more safe to
    wonder around... so the other players kinda suck...

    Mostly the top is the best... so if they dead I can take more risk ;)

    Ofcourse this is now already solved by not displaying the score until the
    end of the round ! ;)

    Skybuck Flying, May 15, 2009
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