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Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Mike, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    I've had a couple of experiences buying from Comet UK in the past and have
    always found them difficult when things go wrong.
    So I should have known better than order from them again! Stupid me!

    I decided to buy the Acer 1691WLMi Laptop, which were £749.99 in Comet stores.
    Prior to buying I asked the local Comet manager if he would exchange it in the
    event it had a couple of bad pixels and he said he would not.
    I decided to order it on-line from Comet for £691.99 and paid £19.99 for a so
    called quicker delivery date. This I thought would give me the option of
    returning it to any Comet store under the 7 Day Distance Sales Regulations
    should the unit I receive have bad pixels etc.

    Why go to Comet again?... well the model they were selling was fitted with the
    latest ati x700 video card, where models from other dealers still had the x600
    card in them.

    I ordered the Laptop from their website at £691.99 on Tuesday 31st August.
    2 days later I received a email stating they couldn't process my order because
    they were out of stock. I checked Comets web site on Thursday morning and sure
    enough the item had been removed, only to re-appear again around midday.
    Hmmmm... strange thought I, so I phoned them to see what was going on, and was
    told they were back in stock again, I went back on line and re-ordered it, and
    received confirmation of the order 36hrs later.
    They phoned to tell me that the original time slot for delivery had been put
    back 2 further days, so despite paying £19.99 I still had to wait 7-Days for

    On Saturday morning the 3rd Sept, I received a email containing my receipt for
    payment, and noticed they had charged me the full shop price of £749.99 + the
    £19.99 for postage, instead of the on-line price of £691.99.

    I rang them that same morning, and was told they would refund the difference of
    £58.00. Fine thought I, mistakes do happen. However I still have not received
    the £58 they owe me!. The Laptop was delivered at 4pm on Thursday the 8th
    Sept. Despite several phone calls and promises my card would be refunded, it
    still has not happened. I have told them that if I do not receive the money
    they owe me it will be returned to the local Comet store. So they have until
    Thursday. Its 12 days since they incorrectly charged my card, and despite many
    phone calls I'm still waiting.

    So it looks like I shall be returning this shiny new laptop back to the store.
    I've been reluctant to use it for this reason. Yes, I know its only £58 but I
    don't like being ripped off!! , and should you be silly enough to order from
    them, don't bother paying the extra postage, because IME you wont receive it any
    faster than their free delivery.

    Their prices may be competitive, but their after sales is abysmal.

    Personally... I definitely will not be using them again!

    Mike, Sep 13, 2005
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  2. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Forgot to add that the Laptop received does have 2 bad pixels, so thats another
    reason to return it!
    Mike, Sep 13, 2005
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  3. Mike

    John Doue Guest

    Let us see how much they will eventually credit you when you return the
    machine ...
    John Doue, Sep 13, 2005
  4. Mike

    Steve.ebay Guest

    Hi, i know it's too late to be any use to you but if i need a new
    laptop (it happens about once a year) I always check Staples first to
    see what they have in stock.
    There are a couple of reasons for this.........
    1... They will price match any laptop of the same spec.
    2... And this is the BIG factor in their favour, they will happily
    exchange or refund if you take the laptop back within 14 days FOR
    I bought a Medion there last year and the sound wasn't as good as other
    laptops. It wasn't faulty, just not as good. I took it back and
    exchanged for a different model with no problems at all.
    Steve.ebay, Sep 14, 2005
  5. Mike

    Mike Guest

    They will have to refund what's on the receipt. £749.99 That's what they
    charged. Usually refunds from the stores themselves tend to go through quite
    Mike, Sep 14, 2005
  6. Mike

    Notan Guest

    Shipping and handling?

    Notan, Sep 14, 2005
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