Discussion in 'Apple' started by Mark, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest

    I'm in the process of emigrating to Canada in the next 2 years hopefully. As
    a PC user I am considering the switch to a Mac. But I would like to buy the
    Mac now which if I buy from Canada saves me alot of money dollars as opposed
    to pounds. What I would like to know is will the Mac i.e. a G5 work on UK

    I downloaded the manual for the G5 and the specs quote 100v-240v so I'm
    assuming that all I would have to do is convert the plug to a UK 3 pin. Is
    this correct ?

    Also could someone advise me as to what Mac would most suit my needs. I
    intend to use the Mac for graphics work e.g. Photoshop I would also like to
    make my own DVD's from my camcorder. Is a G5 overkill for these tasks ? I do
    like the look of the 20" iMac but it's a 1.25GHz is this powerful enough ?

    Also I'm sure I could ask you all what you like most about the Mac's and I'd
    get a list as long as my arm but what about the things you don't like
    perhaps the little niggles etc is what I'd like to hear about. You know
    "yeah it's great but I wish they didn't do such & such...." I'm not
    interested in comparisons between Mac & PC as I don't want to start a flame.

    Anyway thanks for any help and pointers.


    PS any good mac sites would also help.
    Mark, Jun 6, 2004
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