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!!! Company of Heroes !!! (3.5 star rating out of 5, which is very good)

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    Company of Heroes definetly deserves a place in Skybuck's Hall of Fame.

    At first I wasn't convinced if this game deserved a place in it... The
    single player was ok but not super convincing. I played that first.

    However the multiplayer is simply brilliant and outstanding and really makes
    the game shine and boost it to unknown heights =D

    Therefore Company of Heroes will receive a 3.5 star rating. ( 3 stars for
    single player, 4 stars for multiplayer (when playing with hamachi network
    tool) ).

    For those strangling with multiplayer here are some Allies tips (I played
    mostly with allies, someday I ll play with germans too ;))

    1. Use supression fire with infantary to surpress enemy infantary so they
    cant really shoot well, then you can easily walk up to them and finish them
    off with granades.
    However first you will need to upgrade your barracks to those special
    abilities, you will need to barracks to be able to upgrade and build
    soldiers at the same time, that's pretty handy.

    2. Use the smoke screen of sherman tanks to make them momentarily invincible
    even against tiger tanks... however it cost 50 ammo so you need some of
    it... though it works very well against
    a single tiger tank or maybe even two.

    3. Mines work against personal and tanks... mines good against snooping
    snipers lol.. but I like jeeps too though... <- though they dieing a bit
    much ;) my problem ;)

    4. Air mode is pretty handy for scouting with planes and taking down
    infantary when it s really important... and one can drop supplies for badly
    needed resources.. or just extra resources once in a while.. I am not sure
    if partners get the bonuses as well as income... dont underestimate the
    power of these planes... the information they gather can be very valuable
    because than you know how to play... otherwise you might be building the
    wrong stuff at the wrong time at the wrong place ;)

    5. Another favorite (defense) tactic is building tank traps... and placing
    at guns a little bit farther away so enemy tanks cant see them.. works
    pretty well... lot's of at guns are best against a lot of tanks.. except
    watch out for german anti-air tank.. those can kill infantary real fast as
    well as at guns. Wire is also very handy for protecting your base from enemy
    sniper infiltration... snipers can use hide mode and sneak into your base
    then enemies can use off map artillery or whatever to strike your base..
    dangerous !

    6. Howziters guns are usually alarming for enemy so you can expect an attack
    once you start using it on it's location. Nice oppertunity to booby trap
    and defend those positions... but except airstrikes as well... so might not
    work.. you ll just die. They eat up lot's of resources too... so you can't
    build any other more howziters... experienced players will just move out of
    the way... it's a fun weapon... but maybe it's better left unused to give
    points to other units to build those instead... howziter gun cant move.. <-
    big drawback ;)

    7. Infantary mode has a very powerfull off map artillery strike... for
    example drive with jeep into enemy base and then use a strike on them...
    that'll teach you em if they dont defend their base properly ! ;)
    Striking panzer command's is a very target of mine.... yeah.. sometimes need
    two strikes.. Also try to communicate with your partners/teammates.. ask
    which mode they are... tell them your plans.. especially when you gonna
    strike... because you might be able to knock out an hq together.. or at
    least do massive damage to bases.. good tactic.. slows players down.

    8. Repair mode is also pretty powerfull to repair tanks... combine that with
    smoke if possible and you might have a pretty powerfull combination...

    9. The rangers are nice too.. especially when you have lot's of em... they
    can run fast.. fun to play with.

    10. May favorite unit is the at gun though... it has a armor piercing mode
    cost 50 ammo... but definetly worth it... place them spread out across the
    map and you can hit tanks from any side... real tank killers.. I love em..
    they pretty cheap... they only cost personal, no fuel, no ammo necessary to
    construct them.. just a motor pool... pretty important to get those up
    pretty quickly.

    11. Allies also have a recycle mode to instantly recycle destroyed tanks...
    I haven't really used that much.. it's pretty expensive and probably
    unreliable... you never know for sure when the tank will die.

    All players get the same ammount of resources from each flag.. as long as
    they connected I guess or HQ up or something like but everybody has it's own
    ammount/wallet to pay for stuff.. so you dont have to worry about others
    spending your stuff ;)

    Now for some german tips, I have seen others use these tactics when I aged

    1. German tanks can drive though tank traps via Blitzkrieg special
    ability... a certain "commander mode" has this ability. Not sure which tanks
    can do it... but the panthers definetly can ! so watch out for those.

    2. Ofcourse the tiger ace can drive through tank traps as well.

    3. Again mines excellent against personal..

    4. Germans have strong artillery as well.. moveable... <- big bonus and
    cheap too. Very very dangerous. Especially because they have long range can
    come out of nearwhere fire their stuff... and then retreat into the fog of
    war.. you ll have a very hard time tracking down... and you might run into
    booby traps... very dangerous indeed.

    5. I also see massive german troops, massive tank fleets... and the flame
    tank is also very dangerous at the start.... germans pretty good for
    rushing.... Allies have to be very wary of german rushing.

    Germans surely have more tricks up their sleeves... but I am not so good
    with germans have played them little... this is just my experience from
    facing them on the battlefield...

    6. Also watch out for german hidden anti tank guns... dangerous booby

    7. the anti tank/anti air 88 gun is also very very very dangerous against
    tanks... they can kill pershing tanks in 2 shots or so...

    Well I am gonna leave it at that... there are absolutely more tips... but I
    dont wanna make my german opponents to strong :D hehe.

    Most importantly is to get as much flags as possible.. keep fighting for
    them... but sometimes you need to build up a little army.. mixing is good...
    but I ll leave that for you to figure out.

    Ok and now the final tip:

    A very nice and good hamachi network to play on is:

    network: HGI-Company of Heroes
    password: hamachi.eu

    Close to 100 players there maybe even more...

    I played at least 30 multiplayer games by now... and I am absolutely not
    done yet... the game also has a very nice world editor to make your own

    Future recommendations:

    1. I would definetly like to see a Company of Heroe's 2 or expansion pack.

    2. Put more emotions in the game... I want to see blood, screaming people,
    soldiers going mad etc... I wanna see sea's full of blood, pools full of
    blood, strees full of blood where there has been fighting... I wanna see
    body parts fly through the sky just like quake for all I care.. and I want
    to see them lieing on the floor... I also want to see burned body parts so I
    almost smell the burning of the flesh... that's a real nice war.. this game
    with all it's destruction is still to clean.

    3. The dirty word filter has got to go... I can't even say heb ? (that's
    just a normal dutch word ?)

    4. The graphics could even be better but dont get me wrong they are already
    pretty good and impressive.

    5. I would prefer to see a better loading screen so I can see how fast the
    other players load.

    6. Definetly more maps... Snow, Desert, Valleys of death, More hilly
    levels... Infantary only levels... Berlin map/city... Large buildings and
    streets/planes and such.. apple gardens ;) (somebody already made that in
    his map... too funny)... also more trenches where infantary can go from
    trench to trench... like call of duty... the grassmap.. something with an H
    it was... can't remember clearly... heretage or something..

    7. The alerts/signals should show up during the replay... it would also be
    helpfull if the bar can be clicked to position the replay at a certain time
    step/minute whatever... so not the enter replay has to be played to reach a
    certain point.

    8. The pathing finding of the ai for own units and the way it moves could
    definetly be better... sometimes pretty annoying...

    9. Also the selecting of the AI for own units could be much better, they
    should fire at closest and biggest threat first... instead of non dangerous
    targets like OB posts...

    10. Units should be allowed to have a little bit of freedom from their
    designated position... for example...everything within a certain radius of
    the position can be targetted and move too... but not any further then the
    radius... ;) might be handy if the user can set the radius... or
    field/circle of action or something. Not required but it's worth an
    experiment to see if it's nice and handy...

    All in all I am impressed with the quality of this game... there are no real
    terrible bugs or anything... some graphic glitches... might be a driver
    issue... but nothing really bad... I had only one crash under weird
    circumstances... there was even a report form...

    I do have one thing to complain about.. but maybe that will be in the
    post... the timeout value for somebody to drop... should be user
    configurable preferably via the gui... so far hamachi kicked me out when
    trial expired... but that problem is probably now fixed.. but still I had a
    game where it happened and I immediatly reactived it... it was less than a
    minute but COH was unable to recover... DESYNC error or something was the
    problem... to bad though... as usually that was a cool game.

    I am definetly happy with this game... I only wish there was more blood,
    more screaming and more of all that.. that would have made it superb. And
    also better graphics would give it more points. I also want to see a new
    campagne which takes me into the heart of the evil empire... the germans

    Another interesting idea might be to fight the war with the germans... maybe
    a fiction scenerio where the germans attack russia and united states or
    so... just a crazy idea.. it's ok to ignore it but not the rest ofcourse

    This game has definetly earned it's stripes !

    It has definetly earned each and every star that I have awarded.

    This is my new favorite strategy game. Or should I say: Realtime Tactical
    Game ;)

    3.5 thumbs up ! =D

    Ok that was the end of my little report about this game.

    Peace out...

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 29, 2006
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  2. Skybuck Flying

    Folk Guest

    Please post your gaming reviews in a gaming group.
    Folk, Nov 29, 2006
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  3. Skybuck Flying

    John Lewis Guest

    He was drooling so much he forgot to which group he was posting. Par
    for the course for old Skycents. Probably the first RTS he has ever
    played. Dunno why he gave it only 3.5/5. (Many others including myself
    now consider CoH to be amongst the all-time classic PC game releases)
    Oh just a pointer for old Skycents...... please post to
    comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic next time.

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, Nov 30, 2006
  4. * John Lewis:
    Probably not. He has a nice history of ignoring newsgroup topics and
    excessive x-posting...

    Benjamin Gawert, Nov 30, 2006
  5. The NVidia company logo appears in Company of Heroes.

    Does this mean NVidia is sponsoring these games and helping develop them ?

    I like to communicate with NVidia about my experiences about the game they
    sponsor and help.

    Why would I communicatie on an unrelated IBM newsgroup ?

    Skybuck Flying, Dec 1, 2006
  6. Skybuck Flying

    DRS Guest

    They don't monitor this group.
    Because it's about games like CoH.
    DRS, Dec 1, 2006
  7. * Skybuck Flying:
    No, it just means Nvidia pays some money to be able to present their
    logo in the game.
    Nvidia probably doesn't give a f**k about that, simply because they
    don't "sponsor" games or help in development. The Nvidia logo is there
    for promotional reasons, that's it. Besides that, Nvidia has nothing to
    do with this group, they don't read here at all. There are Nvidia forums
    on nZone which are monitored by Nvidia but even there no-one would care
    because Nvidia had zero to do with the game itself.
    Because it at least has something to do with games. This group is for
    gfx cards with Nvidia GPU only.

    Benjamin Gawert, Dec 1, 2006
  8. Ofcourse they care.

    How else are games going to support their latest technology ?

    Nvidia provides beta products to game developers !

    Skybuck Flying, Dec 1, 2006
  9. Get real dude, my ISP doesn't even carry that newsgroup, that's how obselete
    it is !

    I rather stick to this high-tech newsgroup which is all about the latest
    graphic cards and chipset for computers and games.

    Skybuck Flying, Dec 1, 2006
  10. Skybuck Flying

    DRS Guest

    My ISP has it. Don't try to make your ISP's incompetence our problem.
    This group is not about games.
    DRS, Dec 1, 2006
  11. * Skybuck Flying:
    None of the games does use "their latest technology". You probably
    missed it but the majority of games still does not support all features
    of last generation cards, and just forget about current cards.

    Benjamin Gawert, Dec 1, 2006
  12. Ofcourse it's about games, why else do you have a 3D card :D

    Skybuck Flying, Dec 1, 2006
  13. Oh, which features of the latest generation cards do current games not
    support ?

    Skybuck Flying, Dec 2, 2006
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