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!!!! Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor !!!! 4 out of 5 stars.

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    I'v been ignoring Company of Heroes Tales of Valor review for a while... I
    didn't want to write a review because I am little bit pissed off that I
    can't play it online...

    But I have been playing it in hamachi and a new service called: "Tunngle"
    which works even better than hamachi.

    However it's time to give this game the attention that it deserves and to
    put aside my pissyniss ;) :)

    Company of Heroes is probably the best strategy game of this year. (I have
    not played demigod or anything else for that matter because that doesn't
    interesting me so much...)

    At first glance Company of Heroes seems to be a poor follow up to part 1 and
    part2... However this is greatly deceiving.

    The single player compaignes were short and easy and the new multiplayer
    modes are pretty much bullshit.

    But where the games shines is in "classic multiplayer"... which is very very
    very very addicting !

    The great thing about part 3 is a lot of stuff big improvements and small

    1. First of all when somebody drops out of the game... the AI takes over so
    you can at least continue playing with the remaining humans... this is a big

    2. All units have been tweaked for more balanced play.... However I still
    feel the germans have the edge but ok... this makes playing allies

    3. There are some new units... which just gives it enough to make it

    And let's face it... Company of Heroes remains one of the best if not the
    best realtime strategy game up to this moment.

    It has very deep and complex gameplay... because of all the units, special
    abilities, special compagnes, and rock-sciccor-paper, and mixed gameplay.

    I think most of you guessed it by now... COH TOV deserves 4 out of 5 stars !

    I do miss the massive destructive power of part 1... where everything seemed
    much more powerfull... but at the same time... this makes the game more
    "newb" friendly I guess... they won't be destroyed so fast... which gives
    them more a "good" feeling about the game ;)

    That's what me thinks anyway ;)

    Units lasting longer = more fun for everybody :)

    ^ But don't exaggerate it ok ?! ;) ^

    Panzers seem a bit too stronger for my taste but ok... sometimes infantries
    too but ok...

    It makes the game more challenging so I kinda like that too ;)

    So there ya go... the graphics are ofcourse still pretty good, the sound is
    pretty good... even on stereo.... the networking is pretty good... though
    sometimes people can't see the game in LAN... so that's less good but ok...

    I have stories about people abusing the lag-out-kick-out feature that
    sucks... people that do that purposely should simpyl be banned ;)

    Besides from that I am having loads of fun with this game on hamachi and
    tunngle.. especially tunngle... but it's still a bit buggy/beta... I will
    continue playing this game...

    It's one of my favorite games at the moment ! ;)

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 3, 2009
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