Compaq 1200 series New Battrery will not charge for more than 10 min

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Moron, May 28, 2006.

  1. Moron

    Moron Guest

    Hi All
    I am a moron. I have an old Compar 1200 XL505
    The battery has been dead for a year now.
    I purchased a new battery

    The battery charges up ans says it is at 100%. Wehn I run on battery
    power I
    last about 5 min then my computer shuts off.

    Need to test battery charger or ???

    Please help me my extention gord is only 500 feet if I go any further
    the computer can not go with me.
    Thanks Dave the Moron
    Moron, May 28, 2006
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  2. Moron

    Mark Guest

    Hi Dave,

    Don't worry, you don't sound like TOO much of a moron... I don't have
    exactly the same model (mine is even more ancient!), but hopefully this
    will be applicable.

    Your main problem is: Is it the new battery defective, or is the laptop
    not managing the battery properly? Just because the battery reads 100%
    unfortunately does not mean that it possesses full capacity. So with
    just your laptop and one battery, you cannot readily tell which the
    problem is. If you can find someone who has a laptop that uses the same
    battery (not necessarily the same model of laptop), a bit of
    experimentation will show whether the problem moves with the battery,
    or stays with your laptop. You really need a third device - either
    another laptop or battery - to act as a tiebreaker to best identify
    the problem. (Concocting a scheme to independently test the battery or
    the laptop charging circuitry would be an ambitious undertaking, even
    for well above the moron level!) Of course, you could buy yet another
    battery from another vendor, but that would be an expensive
    disappointment if it turned out to be the laptop!

    Here's a couple of things to check also: Since you've been running off
    AC power for awhile, make sure that the apparent shutdown after 5
    minutes of battery-only operation isn't a battery power management
    event of some kind. That is, does it do it if the laptop is actually
    idle for 5 minutes while you're just watching (maybe going into
    "suspend"), or does it really "dump" you while you're actively typing
    away on something? Secondly, I've bought replacement battery packs that
    apparently had been sitting on a shelf awhile and only worked a few
    minutes at first; but after a bit of exercise (about 5 charge/discharge
    cycles) they turned out to be okay. So "charge" onward and see... Good

    Mark, Jun 2, 2006
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