compaq dl380g2 riloe card -keyboard is screwed up in the console

Discussion in 'HP' started by Tom Van Overbeke, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    We have 4 compaq dl380g2 servers with a riloe card running redhat entreprise
    linux 3.

    When I try to access the console via the riloe card, i get the login prompt
    (so far so good), but the keyboard setup is horribly wrong.

    Even though we have selected azerty, the keyboard behaves like a qwerty.
    This is not too bad.
    But the numbers are completely screwed up.
    when i need to type the 7, i end up having to do alt-gr-shift 5 or
    something, and 9 can be hidden behind shift-[. Not one number is where it's
    supposed to be (it's not even where it should be in QWERTY)

    This make is impossible to do any real work on the console. (the console in
    the riloe is some java app by the way).

    Does anyone have a clue ? Apparently the riloe cards have been discontinued
    ? We can choose the Os via the riloe web server running on the card, but
    linux is not listed as an option.


    Tom Van Overbeke, Jul 18, 2005
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