Compaq LTE Lite 4/25E & Docking Station

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Venum, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Venum

    Venum Guest


    I have an REALLY old notebook here that I want to use for instant messaging-
    and get those things of the machine I use here. It's annoying to have
    everyone bug you at once when your trying to work.

    The problem is that the note book doesn't pick up anything from the Docking
    station except power. Is there a software program that should be running on
    Venum, Jul 17, 2003
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  2. Venum

    DEJ57 Guest

    The problem is that the note book doesn't pick up anything from the Docking
    If you want a HDD in the dock to be seen, yes, but not for a modem, I don't
    think. I'll send you some info on 4/25 if you want--email me directly....

    DEJ57, Jul 17, 2003
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  3. Venum

    Mike Calkins Guest

    This is old info from the back of my brain.

    On the docking station there were a couple of switches, labeled A-B & C-D
    Make sure that the switches are in the A and C positions when you boot up
    the laptop.

    These were swap drives A and B or swap drives C and D functions, it may be
    trying to boot from the non-existent drive in the docking station.

    As I said , this is old info, if you can't find the switches, then I'm
    thinking of the SmartStation.

    Does the laptop boot without the docking station?

    Good Luck,

    Mike in Houston
    Mike Calkins, Jul 17, 2003
  4. Venum

    Venum Guest

    No the problem I have is that it will not pick up the docking station at all
    so I cannot get the network or cdrom to get recognized
    Venum, Jul 18, 2003
  5. Venum

    Mike Calkins Guest

    What operating system are you running on the laptop?

    Mike Calkins, Jul 18, 2003
  6. Venum

    European Guest

    Hi Venum,
    Hey it is not old, it is only 8-9 years old. *g*
    I saw that you have Win95 running onm that Laptop. Well then
    everything should work! I use Windows 95b on my COMPAQ LTE Lite 4/33C
    with 1,1 GB HDD, Windows 95b and 20 MB RAM. The Dockingstaion is
    equipped with a 10/100 MBit Network-Card from Compaq, a 16-bit
    Soundcard from Compaq, a CD/CD-R from Compaq (yes i am able to burn
    CD´s with the lte lite) a Streamer from Compaq and a 2,1 GB HDD from
    Quantum. All is working fine with Windows 95b! At the beginning i
    docked the Laptop into the DS and everything was recognized
    automatically by Windows!! I only needed the Drivers for the cards and
    so on and i remember that i need to set a jumper, but everything else
    was installed by Windows. Windows even created the Hardware
    profiles..that means it detects if the Laptop is docked or not and
    loads the correct profile. Very cool. Maybe i had just luck ?! :))

    European, Jul 26, 2003
  7. Venum

    DEJ57 Guest

    All is working fine with Windows 95b! At the beginning i
    I'm curious--did you inherit the laptop with WIN95b or did you do a clean
    install of just WIN95b?

    Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I thought the 4/25E, and the 4/33C, originally came
    with WIN3.1. Maybe the change in OS came with the 4/33. Special programs
    needed to be loaded to get DOS/WIN3.1 to recognize anything in the dock, from
    what I understood, and perhaps these programs were already loaded when you got
    the laptop?

    DEJ57, Jul 27, 2003
  8. Venum

    European Guest

    Hi Dale,
    Well, I got this laptop in brandnew conditions in 2001. One seller
    here (Germany) stored this Laptop since 1994 and never used it, never
    packed it out!
    When he asked me to buy it, i didn´t think about it very long. (I
    payed 200 EUROS (approx. 200 USD) and it was absolutely worth for me.

    With other words i got a brandnew, unused LTE Lite in the original
    package in 2001 :)). Ok, back to the subject. I inherited the 4/33C
    with Windows 3.11 for Workgroups (orig. Compaq Version). The Software
    was included in the package and also the complete documentation and so
    on. All like you buy it in 1994.

    The CMOS Battery was empty (The unit didnt boot up at the first time)
    so i changed it and at the same time i changed the 510 MB HDD with a
    1,1 GB from IBM. This makes the old LTE Lite it more usable for todays
    standards. (I used Maxtor Maxblast to override the 620 MB Limit of the

    As you can see i know this laptop very well, i did a lot of
    investigations about it and i can dissamble it with closed eyes
    without damaging anything :).

    After that, i did a clean install of Windows 95b. (I copied the setup
    files to the new 1,1 GB HDD before i inserted it).
    Seems so, yes. I can confirm it. Maybe, Maybe the last 4/33C units had
    Windows 95 installed, but i don´t think so...The LTE Lite´s are
    originally Windows 3.x Laptops. But that doesnt mean that they are
    incompatibel with Windows 95 *g*. I even run a LTE Lite/25 (20MB RAM)
    with Windows 95.

    By the way: Windows 95 has "Compaq LTE Lite Support" in its
    Systemcontrol. :)
    I don´t know why.
    That is right. If you run DOS/Windows 3.x then you need certain
    Softpaqs and so to recognize anything in the Dockingstation. I tried
    once to dock a Windows 3.11 Lte Lite to the Dock. (the LTE Lite/25
    above), but it was so frustating that i kicked out Win 3.11 and
    installed Windows 95. And oh wonder, everything was really easy! I
    only did some research on the Dock to find info about the Jumpers and
    so on. I plugged the big HDD and the CD-R to the single IDE, inserted
    the cards and Win95 and the drivers for the cards did the rest.

    Now i use the 4/33C to listen to mp3 and for other nice stuff :)

    I hope this info was understandable!


    Euro from Germany
    European, Jul 29, 2003
  9. Venum

    European Guest

    Hi Dale,
    No, no as I said: I copied the Windows 95 Setup Files to the 1,1 GB
    HDD before i inserted it into the unit. Then i just started SETUP.EXE.
    I didnt add/need special Compaq-programs after installing windows 95.
    Only the drivers for the soundcard and the Network Card. The CD ROM is
    not connected to the IDE of the Dock, as i wrote before. It is a
    "Creative CD ROM" which is connected to the IDE of the SOUNDCARD (Old
    System) (Long time ago i did this, but now i can remember it). The 2,1
    GB HDD inside the Dockingstation (Connected to the IDE of the Dock)
    was recognized automatically by Windows 95.

    What you mean is, to dock an OS-less LTE Lite in the dock with CD-ROM
    Drive and to boot from disk and to install Windows from the CD. Well,
    i didn´t try this..but it should work. With MS-DOS 6.22 and the
    corresponding softpaq and drivers....should work. If you are skilled
    enough you can create a special LTE Lite Bootdisk for the Dock which
    contains everything! If so, pls share :)

    But there are many other ways to copy the Setup files to the Laptop
    and easier ones! ;-)

    If i have time i will make some pictures!

    European, Jul 30, 2003
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