Compaq Presario S3010CL Max Memory

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Ken Wampach, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Ken Wampach

    Ken Wampach Guest

    We have an old Compaq Presario S3010CL DF250A-ABA (purchased
    from Sam's Club in July of 2003) that came with a 256MB module
    in one slot and we immediately added a 512MB module in the
    second slot.

    I am curious whether I can replace the 256MB module with a 1GB

    According to the Compaq S3010CL Specifications posted on the hp
    site, it uses the Athlon XP2200+ processor, KM266 chipset, and
    is limited to 1GB.
    According to the HP and Compaq Desktop PCs -Motherboard
    Specifications, MS-6390 (Crossfire) (The specification was
    downloaded 3/20/2007), that motherboard is limited to 1GB. I
    could not find anything on the Compaq/HP site that absolutely
    linked that MB to the S3010CL, although I thought I saw
    something there long ago.

    Memory vendors disagree an what the S3010CL can handle: (2)512MB modules (2)1GB modules (2)1GB modules

    I believe our S3010CL uses the MSI(MicroStar) MS-6390
    motherboard. The manuals for that motherboard say it can support
    (2)1GB modules. says that the MS-6390 can support
    (2)1GB modules, with a warning "Not to exceed manufacturer
    supported memory.

    Does anyone know what the real limit is?
    Has anyone tried a 1GB module in the S3010CL or another member
    of the Presario S3000 family?

    Thanks for any info anyone can provide.
    Ken Wampach, Mar 4, 2012
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