Compaq Presario Volume Control Buttons in Windows 95

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Was Immer, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Was Immer

    Was Immer Guest

    I have 2 old Compaq Presario Computers

    One is a Compaq Presario 4640 and the other a Presario 2100

    Anyhow - they both have the Volume Control buttons (+ and -) on
    the front of the case.

    I am running Windows 95 and I cannot get the buttons to work.

    Apparently you need a piece of software to tell windows what
    these buttons do.

    Anyonw know where I can get the software. The COMPAQ website
    does not have drivers for these buttons.

    I need this for Windows 95 - and again just to restate - I need
    to get the volume control buttons to work - this has nothing to
    do with the sound card.

    Any help please. I am pulling out my hair trying to get this to

    THANKS a million in advance!!!!!!!!!1
    Was Immer, Aug 11, 2006
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  2. Was Immer

    NoNoBadDog! Guest

    You are referring to the volume buttons on the CD tray?

    they work only for headphones attached to the audio output of the CD
    tray...not for the system audio.

    NoNoBadDog!, Aug 18, 2006
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