Compaq Prosignia 500 troubles:

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Hardryve, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. Hardryve

    Hardryve Guest

    Over the last weekend my wife bought at a garage sale a Compaq
    Prosignia 500 and a NEC monitor and alot more goodies all for $10.00,
    WOW but now after turning the big beast
    on what I have on the monitor is "Configuration Nonvolatile Memory
    Invalid Initialization Aborted" and what follows on the same screen
    is the press "F1" key to continue or "F10" key for System Utilities,
    when pressing F1 you get Invalid partition table, F10 you get The
    System Utilities are not available on this system Press any key to
    continue which brings you to: Invalid partition table.

    Realizing the guy she bought it from said it doesn't have any memory,
    but didn't go into what exactly that meant, no physical memory? I am
    thinking that at this moment. The only thing that registers when
    starting it is:

    [b:c40eb0d75f]"147456kb" Detected, somewhere at 150mb

    1. Processor running at 150mhz
    2. 172-EISA Configuration Nonvolatile Memory Invalid
    Initialization Aborted and then the following:

    SCSI Devise Detected - System Board, SCSI ID 0: DPES-
    SCSI Devise Detected - System Board, SCSI ID 1: FUJITSU-
    SCSI Devise Detected - System Board, SCSI ID 2: COMPAQ-
    SCSI Devise Detected - System Board, SCSI ID 3: COMPAQ-
    SCSI Devise Detected - System Board, SCSI ID 4: ARCHIVE- 4326XX
    27871 XXX
    SCSI Devise Detected - System Board, SCSI ID 5: COMPAQ

    So can anyone give me some advise as to what I have, and what I can do
    as far as getting it to work or do I have to go to the shop? Hoping

    ( added at 4:20am Sun/31st/10/04 ): Also I have been to the hp/compaq
    forum and found the Configuration Utility but have not been
    successfull in downloading from their site for some reason, would
    anyone have another link besides the hp/compaq one. I have done a
    google and cannot find another site that offers this download, and
    would someone be kind enough to explain what is a "Prosignia 500" and
    can I put a Windows OS into it?
    Hardryve, Oct 31, 2004
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  2. Hardryve

    Ben Myers Guest

    The Prosignia 500 is a server intended for small office environments, obviously
    a few years ago. As delivered from the factory, it has a special partition for
    the system utilities and diagnostics (and maybe BIOS setup, I forget). HPaq may
    still have downloads available needed to recreate the special partition and load
    it up with the Compaq utility software.

    It seems like the major problems are software related. You'll need to get an
    EISA configuration utility for the old beast. EISA is a now-obsolete 32-bit
    card interface, the first 32-bit cards ever. Systems with an EISA bus require
    an EISA configuration utility to set them up properly.

    You may need to replace the system battery. It's not clear if this is necessary
    from your posting. Just a possibility.

    To run Windows adequately, you may well need a PCI graphics card to override the
    minimal graphics capability built into the motherboard. I would suggest not
    running anything newer than Windows 98. The system appears to have at least 4GB
    of disc storage among its several SCSI disk drives. It also has a fairly
    obsolete tape backup unit and a SCSI CD-ROM drive, probably 4x.

    .... Ben Myers

    Ben Myers, Oct 31, 2004
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  3. Hardryve

    HH Guest

    He may need a SmartStart CD to get that old beast running again. Yes, setup
    is stored on the non-DOS partition.

    HH, Nov 1, 2004
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