Comparison: DSL modem as bridge versus DSL modem as router with DHCP

Discussion in 'HP' started by kiselink, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. kiselink

    kiselink Guest

    Consider the typical hardware setup for home service:

    [DSLAM]--------[DSL Modem]-----[local router]-----[PC]

    From a security and performance perspective is there an advantage to
    a) having a DSL modem configured as a bridge as compared having it as
    an IP Router.
    b) in the case that the DSL modem is an IP router is there an
    advantage to having the DHCP function in the modem versus the local

    More specifically consider the following to configurations:

    DSL Modem with IP:

    ---------TCP/IP/ethernet -----[router]-----------------

    DSL Modem configured as bridge:

    ---TCP/IP/PPPOE/ethernet---------- [router]----

    I once experimented with having PPP terminate inside a PC. So
    hardware configuration was
    I noticed that the pc performance degraded as compared to having the
    pc connnected to a router. I attributed this to either the traffic
    from the DSLAM or the PPP protocol was more chatty (i.e., more
    packets) and therefore interrupted the pc more often.

    Is there any performance gain by having PPP terminate in the DSL

    In the case that the DSL modem is an IP router, is there a security
    gain from having DHCP function in the local router?
    kiselink, Oct 24, 2008
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  2. kiselink

    Ben Myers Guest

    It would seem that [PC] is really [HP PC] for this topic to be addressed
    in this newsgroup. ;>)

    To answer your first question, it would be necessary to configure
    computer, router and DSL modem both ways and to measure the throughput
    using a fairly standard test from .

    There is probably a minor improvement in security from having DHCP
    managed by the local router rather than the DSL modem. This will also
    make it a little more complicated to use VNC for remote computer access,
    if that is a consideration.

    When setting up DSL together with a wireless router, I generally have
    configured the DSL modem as a bridge and let the router handle DHCP
    chores... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Oct 24, 2008
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