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CompUSA warranty vs. Toshiba warranty

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Kamal, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. Kamal

    Kamal Guest

    I am planning on getting a Toshiba laptop through CompUSA. I checked
    the warranty prices.

    CompUSA charges $500 for 3 years. They claim they will cover the
    accidental screen damage (twice during entire warranty), hard drive
    damage and other accidental damage INCLUDING batteries (batteries also
    covered twice during the entire warranty). When asked to compare their
    warranty against Toshiba warranty, they claimed that Toshiba only
    covers one repair per year i.e. if the keyboard has a problem, Toshiba
    will fix it. Now, if during the same year, keyboard has some problem
    again or the screen has a problem, I will have to wait till the second
    year of warranty for Toshiba to cover the repair !!!! If this is true,
    then people would be crazy to buy Toshiba plan. CompUSA will cover
    repairs any number of times per year. That makes the CompUSA warranty
    look GREAT.

    I called up Toshiba too. They charge $300 for 3 years (their
    systemguard warranty). They claim they cover all accidental damage
    EXCEPT batteries. And yes, they did confirm that they will cover only
    one accidental incident per year. The rep didn't seem to be too
    knowledgeable, so I am not sure if I have all the information.

    Am I missing out some fine print in the CompUSA warranty ? or missing
    out on some great features being offered by Toshiba warranty ??
    Kamal, Apr 20, 2004
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  2. What you are missing is that they only cover ACCIDENTAL damage one time a
    year. Normal warranty items are not limited at all.
    The manufacturers warranty is ALWAYS superior to a store bought warranty.
    After all, they buit it and they can fix it.
    Bruce Markowitz, Apr 20, 2004
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  3. Kamal

    BigJIm Guest

    you will be missing 200 dollars if you go with CompUSA extended warranty
    BigJIm, Apr 20, 2004
  4. Kamal

    Kamal Guest

    Bruce, thats a very good point. I need to call Toshiba to figure out
    what is their definition of standard warranty.

    Also, I did some calculations and it seems to make more sense to buy
    the Toshiba warranty for $300. Plus use credit card to buy the laptop
    as someone suggested. That would double the manufacturer's warranty.
    So any standard thing is covered for two years. Anything going wrong
    with the screen will be covered once a year, which, based on what I am
    hearing, should be fine. Hopefully if I am careful enough I won't
    damage the screen twice. If the battery dies in the first two years it
    will be covered by manufacturer's warranty (my guess. Battery is a
    component of the laptop and is reasonably expected to last 1 to 2
    years at least). Even if it is not covered, I will shell out $150 and
    still the cost would be lower than CompUSA's $500 for 3 years.

    An interesting point that I read in one of the postings is that
    software is not covered by warranty (not just Toshiba but any
    manufacturer or retailer). If the hard drive goes under, they will
    replace it but will not load the OS. How the hell is the user supposed
    to run the computer unless they load the OS as well (unless the
    laptops come with the OS disks that the user can use to load the OS)
    Kamal, Apr 21, 2004
  5. I bought a new Toshiba from Best Buy a few months ago, after a major "Dell
    Hell" experience. I was going to buy their extended warranty on the premise
    that local service would be quick and easy. I talked to the Best Buy
    service manager and found out that they didn't stock laptop parts, and that
    any service requiring parts was ten business days, minimum. Did some
    digging at the Toshiba website, found that they had authorized service forty
    minutes from my house - three year warranty for $230.00, including one
    accident per year. Was able to talk with the local Toshiba service guy, who
    was very reassuring, and had been there for fifteen years.

    Don't know how to evaluate Comp-USA, but suspect you're better off with the
    Toshiba extended warranty.
    Michael Rainey, Apr 21, 2004
  6. Kamal

    Harry Guest

    Try www.laptopspares.com they are very helpful and if you quote my
    name: Hamish, they will definatly look after you. You can e-mail them
    on or go to their site and call them.
    Harry, Apr 21, 2004
  7. Kamal

    JHEM Guest

    JHEM, Apr 21, 2004
  8. Kamal

    Kamal Guest

    Thanks everyone for your advice. I just wanted to post my experience
    with CompUSA warranty purchase.

    I recently bought a Toshiba laptop at CompUSA and as expected, the
    salesperson was all over me trying to make me buy the warranty. One of
    the major advantages he touted was that accidental screen damage/hard
    drive damage etc. was covered. I bought the warranty for $350 for 2
    years. Since I have heard about the sleazy sales tactics of CompUSA,
    BestBuy, CircuitCity folks, I decided not to open the warranty package
    and check up more on this online, in case I need to return it.

    What I found was very vague language that could be twisted anyway that
    the store wanted and NO SPECIFIC MENTION of accidental damage
    coverage. Here is an excerpt from the 2 year laptop repair plan +
    screen protection plan from the link (the CAPS used are mine. Theirs
    is written in regular case)

    "Purchase of this kit includes protection for your laptop's most
    fragile part, the screen. IF IT SHOULD FAIL, bring it to a CompUSA
    service center near you and we'll repair it."

    Details of this plan at http://www.compusa.com/media/tap_terms.pdf

    "The Laptop Screen Upgrade will pay for labor and replacement parts
    necessary to replace your laptop computer screen SHOULD IT BECOME

    Note the words "should it fail" and "should it become inoperable".
    Generally these would refer to the failure due to inherent screen
    problems and not due to accidental damage. This can of course be
    twisted to mean accidental damage as well. But this type of vague
    language made me uneasy.

    I looked up Toshiba SystemGuard warranty and to my relief, it
    specifically mentions "Accidental Damage Coverage provides a repair or
    replacement service in the event of accidental screen breakage or
    other damage caused by accidents such as drops or liquid spills."

    Guess how much it costs- $199 for 3 years. Beats CompUSA for sure.
    That being said, there are couple of limitations. Toshiba will cover
    extend warranty for 3 years for standard failures or problems. The
    additional accidental coverage will only cover one accidental damage
    per year. Note that the standard failures or problems are covered
    unlimited number of times. Only accidental damage is covered once a
    year. Secondly, Toshiba does not cover the battery after the first
    year. That was easily remedied by buying the computer using the credit
    card. The credit card company automatically doubles the standard
    warranty, for FREE. So Toshiba will cover the battery for the first
    year and my credit card company will cover it the next year.

    To be fair, I should mention that CompUSA promises to cover 2 screen
    failures and 2 battery replacements through the life of the 3-year
    warranty. Do the math and it still doesn't make sense to buy through

    End result: I bought the warranty from Toshiba. When I went to CompUSA
    to return their warranty, 2-3 salesperson and the manager converged on
    me, trying to convince me how their warranty was sooo much superior.
    When I asked them about the accidental coverage they said it was
    covered. I asked them to show me in writing and they could not produce
    any document that specifically mentioned the accidental damage
    coverage. I flatly told them that I had decided and I didn't want the
    warranty. I think the store guys were pretty upset and someone even
    remarked "ouch" when the manager walked away ;-)

    I have heard good things about Toshiba warranty and I hope they are

    p.s. If some of you do decide to buy the CompUSA warranty, make sure
    you ask them to give you some free stuff. They will generally give you
    something worth $40-50. Why would they do that ? Because warranties
    are pure profit center and overpriced warranties are more so. I don't
    know for sure but I think BestBuy or CircuitCity would probably do the
    Kamal, Apr 28, 2004
  9. Kamal

    Dan Koren Guest

    Fujitsu also offer an all-risks no questions asked
    screen guarantee at extra cost.

    Dan Koren, Apr 28, 2004
  10. Kamal

    Nott John Guest

    The System Guard warranty from Toshiba covers any accidental damage to
    the laptop for a period of 3 years. However, Toshiba covers only one
    incident per year. If System Guard has been used once, then it can be
    used again only after one year from the date the last time system
    guard was used.

    This should not be confused with the standard warranty. System Guard
    is taken as an additional warranty. Standard warranty comes as default
    of one year. (some systems may have upto 3 years). Under standard
    warranty any failure of the laptop or its components under normal use
    is covered. If a laptop has both System Guard and Standard Warranty,
    then System Guard is used only when there is an accidental damage. In
    all other cases standard warranty should cover it.

    Here's what you need to remember though:
    1. All system come with the standard warranty. If you need to purchase
    system guard, you'll need to purchase it within 30 days from the date
    of purchase.
    2. System guard can be used only once per year. After once incident of
    System guard use, it can be used again after one year.
    3. Standard warranties can be extended for a year or two. But it
    should be purchased before the expiry of the standard warranty.


    Nott John, May 8, 2004
  11. Kamal

    Al Dykes Guest

    FWIW I supported a population of several hundred heavily used Toshiba
    laptops. With that large a population, I got to know the local
    authorized service center (Manhattan) really well, and they always
    gave great service. For me, having walk-in service beats packing and
    shipping, any day. Go to the Toshia web site and see if there's a
    service shop near you. Ask the COMPUSA guy how his service agreement

    OTOH; Someone I know bought a third-party second-third-year agreement
    on a SOHO laser printer, which died in the 13th month. Getting the
    warranty company to make good was a real PITA. I finally dug thru the
    web and business records to find out the 3 names they were doing
    business under, and who the big boss was. I sent a polite email to
    him saying that if we didn't get what we paid for, his company name
    (all of them) would be mud every time the topic of service came up on

    The came thru, so I'm not going to mention the name, but I always
    recommend manufacturer's extended warranties for laptops, and laser
    Al Dykes, May 17, 2004
  12. Kamal

    Al Dykes Guest

    There's a difference between the software warranry, and installing the
    software. All laptop I've seen come with CDs that will restore the
    machine's software to as-shipped, easily. That's the limit of the
    warranty for the software.

    If you use an imaging backup you don't need the manufacturer's CDs to
    reimage. (You might need them for other things, and if you have to
    call for tech suppport they might expect you to have the CDs at hand.)

    I recommend an image backup to non-technical users because otherwise
    they forget all their registration keys and whatever passwords are
    stored in their applications.

    The "software not covered" is accurate, but misleading, I guess,
    because the software is covered under other warranties, possibly the
    EULA. (not that the software warranry means alot).

    If you buy a laptop with OEM windows and MSOFFICE, you'll find that
    the fine print says you get no support from Microsoft, you have to go
    to teh manufacturer. In some cases MS will require you to go to the
    manufacturer for OS patches, although it's been years since I've seen
    MS enforce this.
    Al Dykes, May 17, 2004
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