Computer Won't turn on

Discussion in 'IBM' started by Jack Bruss, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. Jack Bruss

    Jack Bruss Guest

    My Dad has a problem with his computer. It won't turn on - that is the hard
    drive doesn't spin, the fan doesn't go on, and the power light doesn't go
    on. My Dad said that a few weeks ago it would not turn off, but as of about
    1 week ago it won't turn on. We took the case off and played with the
    switch, but still no go. I've checked the power cord - it's ok. I'm
    wondering if it's the power supply or the switch. What's a good way to
    diagnose a problem there? Is there something else it could be? We replaced
    the battery.


    Jack Bruss, Jun 29, 2003
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  2. The switch could be the problem, especially on an older PC. One option is to
    take the unit to the PC service department of a Best Buy or Comp USA near you to
    have them diagnosed the problem and fix it. My guess is that your machine is
    getting old. If it is, perhaps replacing the PC is worth considering.

    Power supply problems are fairly common, and it could be the problem here. I've
    seen other things keep a PC from having any power come on at all: the floppy
    connector had been put on one pin off. If you made any internal adjustments on
    the PC prior to it failing, recheck the seating of each part to make sure it's
    on properly. But this doesn't seem to deal with your situation as you've
    described it so far. It could also be a complete failure of the motherboard, but
    check the power supply first by replacing it. If you're uncomfortable doing this
    yourself, take the PC to someone who can do this for you safely.

    There are not many options to "diagnose a problem" with a power supply: One way
    is to replace it with a good one, and the other is to use a multimeter to test
    the line voltages, but that won't work unless the power supply is working in the
    first place because voltages don't appear unless there is current through the

    Patrick Reany, Jul 1, 2003
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