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Discussion in 'IBM' started by Gary, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Gary

    Gary Guest

    My wife and I each have both a desktop and a laptop computer. I'm
    happy with my desktop and only use my laptop for travel. But my wife
    is looking for some good ideas on how to get rid of her desktop and
    make her PC laptop her only computer.

    She'd like to be able to hook in to a separate monitor wirelessly, if
    possible. She'd also like to get a wireless printer that she can use
    with her laptop.

    We bought a Samsung Central Station, but it apparently needs a computer
    that it is connected to. It then will accommodate a laptop wirelessly.
    But it still seems to need that desktop computer to drive it. That is
    not exactly what she wants ... she wants to get rid of that desktop
    computer altogether.

    Any suggestions for what hardware would fit the bill?
    Gary, Jun 1, 2011
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