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configure vxworks boot for load -boot

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Federico, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Federico

    Federico Guest

    i'm trying to install linux on sbc8260(mpc8260 processor), i've used as
    referement www.denx.de website, installing with success eldk and
    now i'm stopped configuring vxworks boot, i'm not able to load u-boot
    image and load it.
    can help me?
    using this configuration:
    boot device : motfcc
    unit number : 0
    processor number : 0
    host name : motfcc0
    file name : /tftpboot/u-boot
    inet on ethernet (e) :
    host inet (h) :
    user (u) : federico
    ftp password (pw) : federico
    flags (f) : 0x80
    target name (tn) : sbc8260

    Attached TCP/IP interface to motfcc0.
    Attaching network interface lo0... done.
    Loading... Erroneous header read

    Error loading file: errno = 0xffffffff.
    Federico, Nov 8, 2006
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  2. This is the output of the VxWorks boot loader.
    Why are you trying to load another boot loader (u-boot)?
    My best guess is that the u-boot file is not in a
    format that the VxWorks boot loader likes (e.g. ELF).

    I've been working with VxWorks on a MIPS board lately,
    and am loading mips-elf big endian files compiled by
    a GCC 4.1.1 toolchain.

    You could use your powerpc objdump program to look
    at the headers of the u-boot file and try to identify
    the differences.

    BTW, I believe the vxworks boot loader assumes that the
    image is going into RAM location at which it is linked.
    If you've built u-boot to run out of your Flash/ROM
    I don't think you can expect the vxworks boot-loader
    to program the flash.

    If you want to replace the vxworks boot-loader, you'll
    likely need to need to use either a JTAG debugger
    (e.g. Abatron BDI2000) or load some kind of flash
    programming code into RAM and over-write the vxworks
    boot loader... you might want to be careful there
    if you don't have a JTAG debugger... you may not
    recover without one.

    Michael N. Moran (h) 770 516 7918
    5009 Old Field Ct. (c) 678 521 5460
    Kennesaw, GA, USA 30144 http://mnmoran.org

    "So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains
    and we never even know we have the key."
    The Eagles, "Already Gone"

    The Beatles were wrong: 1 & 1 & 1 is 1
    Michael N. Moran, Nov 9, 2006
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  3. Federico

    Federico Guest

    Michael N. Moran ha scritto:
    ok, i'm now trying to write in flash with wind river ice sx debugger,
    but there's another problem :-(, in bkm mode, starting tool: Program
    flash devices of VisionClick sw, appearing those informations:
    file name and path: i insert u-boot.bin filepath
    Programming algoritms:i've insert this INTEL V28F128Jx (16384 x 8 ) 4
    Devices in according to this info:
    "Select the AMD 29F160xB (2048 x 8) 1 device for the 8-bit Flash and
    select OK (select the Intel 28F128Jx (16384 x 8) 4 devices for the
    SODIMM Flash)."

    Chip Select Function Port Size Address Range
    /CS0 2MB BOOT FLASH 8-bits FE00_0000...FFFF_FFFF1
    /CS1 64MB FLASH 32-bits E400_0000...E7FF_FFFF
    /CS2 128MB SDRAM DIMM 64-bits 0000_0000...07FF_FFFF
    /CS3 128MB SDRAM DIMM 64-bits 0800_0000...0FFF_FFFF
    /CS4 16MB LOCAL BUS SDRAM 32-bits 2000_0000...20FF_FFFF
    /CS5 8KB EEPROM 8-bits 2200_0000...2200_1FFF
    Memory Mapped visonPORT 8-bits 2200_2000...2200_3FFF
    Memory Mapped User Switches 8-bits 2200_4000...2200_5FFF
    Memory Mapped Status 16-bits 2200_6000...2200_7FFF
    Memory Mapped Interrupt Controller 8-bits 2200_8000...2200_9FFF
    Memory Mapped Seven Segment Display 8-bits 2200_A000...2200_BFFF
    /CS6 64MB FLASH 32-bits E000_0000...E3FF_FFFF
    /CS7 Control EPLD 8-bits 2100_0000...2100_1FFF
    /CS8 ATM 8-bits 1200_0000...1210_0000
    /CS9 Spare chip select
    /CS10 Spare chip select
    /CS11 Real Time Clock 8-bits 8000_0000...8000_1FFF

    after there's:
    Device and sector's base and end address
    Base address:(insert E4000000 erase all selected)
    Available ram workspace for flash algoritm:
    insert 00000000 3100

    before clicking erase and program i must write in bkm this command cs
    cs1(selecting chip), it takes about 20 minutes and when it must load (i
    suppose) u-boot on flash, it shows this error message:
    the communications with emulator exist, because i'm still in bkm mode.
    what's happened?thanks and sorry for my bad english ;-)
    Federico, Nov 17, 2006
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