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configuring expert3d lite

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Michael Lazin, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. I just installed an expert3d lite in a sun blade 100 and updated Solaris
    10. X and the Java desktop are working fine but I can't seem to get 3d
    openGL graphics. Also, I cannot play DVD's or AVI's fullscreen without
    them being choppy. Any help configuring this card would be greatly
    appreciated. I don't believe that it is properly configured.

    Michael Lazin, Mar 1, 2005
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  2. Michael Lazin

    tunla Guest

    Did you install the OpenGL packages ?

    $ pkginfo | grep -i opengl
    application SUNWgldoc Sun OpenGL for Solaris Documentation and Man
    application SUNWgldp Sun OpenGL for Solaris Device Pipeline
    application SUNWgldpx Sun OpenGL for Solaris 64-bit evice Pipeline
    application SUNWglh Sun OpenGL for Solaris Header Files
    application SUNWglrt Sun OpenGL for Solaris Runtime Libraries
    application SUNWglrtu Sun OpenGL for Solaris Platform Specific
    Runtime Libs
    application SUNWglrtx Sun OpenGL for Solaris 64-bit Runtime
    application SUNWglsr Sun OpenGL for Solaris Runtime Generic
    application SUNWglsrx Sun OpenGL for Solaris 64-bit Optimized SW
    application SUNWglsrz Sun OpenGL for Solaris Optimized SW
    $ pkginfo | grep -i java3d
    application SUNWj3dem Java3D demo programs
    application SUNWj3doc Java3D API Documentation
    system SUNWj3drt Java3D Runtime Environment
    system SUNWj3dut Java3D Utilities Source

    Also, I cannot play DVD's or AVI's fullscreen without
    As I said in an earlier post: The choppiness is because the the
    is too sloow or probably the PCI bus is to slow.
    In a 64 bit slot in a SB1500 the card works smothly.
    tunla, Mar 2, 2005
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