Confused by DDR speeds

Discussion in 'HP' started by Si, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. Si

    Si Guest

    I've emailed HP about adding memory to my Pavilion

    This was their response....

    Dear Simon,

    Please refer to the memory specifications of your computer.

    Memory Type: DDR

    Memory Speed: PC2100/PC1600

    Memory Sockets: 2 DDR DIMM (184-pin)

    Maximum Memory: 1GB

    You can install a total of 1 GB DIMM on your computer. The speed of
    the memory should be as stated above.

    However, I'm confused over the speed issue. Their web site at

    States that it should be 66 MHz/10 ns, 100 MHz/10 ns, or 133 MHz/10 ns .....

    As far as I can see, DDR's come in 266MHZ...

    I'm a little new to this as you can see....


    Si, Jul 23, 2003
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  2. Si

    chuckie® Guest

    In the article that you specified, the 66MHz etc. is referring to the older, slower RAM, not DDR.
    Here's what HP says about the DDR for the 733uk:

    DDR memory, or Double Data Rate memory, is a memory technology that doubles data throughput to the
    processor. This type of memory dramatically improves the memory system's ability to service high
    multimedia requirements, such as 3-D graphics.

    Key features include:

    double the amount of data by using the rising as well as falling edge of the clock signal for data
    significantly reduced power consumption: 2.5 V instead of 3.3 V.
    memory bus runs at the same frequency as the CPU front side bus.
    184 pin connection.

    DDR 333

    throughput of 333 Mb per second.
    backward compatible with DDR 200 and DDR 266 devices.

    The foregoing is copied directly from an HP site that I have access to, so ignore the slower speed
    reference on the page you were looking at, OK?
    chuckie®, Jul 24, 2003
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  3. Si

    Darrell Guest

    Give a try. That's where I bought memory for a HP 325C.
    Darrell, Jul 25, 2003
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