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Connect3d Radeon 9600

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Gary Davies, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Gary Davies

    Gary Davies Guest

    Motherboard: ASUS A7V8X
    Processor: Athlon XP 2200+
    OS's: Win98se and XP

    I'm having a bit of a problem with this card, it is correctly installed in
    the AGP slot, on power up, the boot-up information and BIOS are correctly
    visible, booting to Windows (either OS) detects the card and attempts to
    install a standard VGA driver, cancelling this and then installing the
    proper Radeon driver comes back with a message saying the driver couldn't be
    installed and I should try installing the standard VGA driver first,
    attempting to do this locks the machine or complains of a conflict and
    fails, no conflicts are reported in device manager or system information,
    the PC can happily be left in this VGA mode indefinitely. On reboot the
    display is normally blank, cutting power to the machine for a short period
    doesn't restore the display, switching off and waiting 10-15 minutes
    normally restores the screen (?!). I have noticed this blanking also
    sometimes happens rebooting before the OS has started booting. My initial
    feeling is this was a conflict with existing hardware, so have removed all
    existing PCI cards and disabled all unnecessary hardware in the BIOS, this
    makes no difference. I've removed and re-seated the card several times with
    no change. Whatever the problem is, it doesn't seem to be a driver problem
    since I haven't even managed to install the drivers, certainly a strange

    I would appreciate any suggestions.
    Gary Davies, Jan 14, 2005
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  2. Gary Davies

    Sharp Guest

    Check BIOS concerning video card settings.

    Sharp, Jan 14, 2005
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  3. Gary Davies

    Gary Davies Guest

    Thanks for the reply, anything in particular? from memory I think the AGP
    aperture is set at 128mb's, it's a 256mb card so should this be 256 too? the
    AGP capability the default 8X, AGP voltage is Auto, AGP performance control
    is disabled, AGP fast write is disabled, Video memory cache mode is UC
    (uncachable), can't think of any others, any of these obviously wrong?

    Gary Davies, Jan 14, 2005
  4. Gary Davies

    vellu Guest

    As far as BIOS settings go, your settings seem ok. Aperture size: the
    more memory the card has, the less aperture is needed. For 256MB card
    128 or 256 will do (very little, if any, affect on performance).

    But have you installed chipset drivers (which include AGP drivers)? VIA
    4in1 for VIA mobos, Intel drivers for Intel mobos, etc.
    vellu, Jan 14, 2005
  5. Gary Davies

    Gary Davies Guest

    Good, glad to hear that.

    Yep, drivers all installed. This blank screen business though has occured
    without even booting into the OS, e.g. boot to the XP boot menu a few times
    and it will eventually go blank after a reboot, so at this point it
    shouldn't have loaded any drivers. What is extremely weird is how once it
    does it's blank screen thing, no amount of powering off/on seems to fix it,
    but leaving it off for a period of time seems to fix it, i've never had
    anything like that before?
    Gary Davies, Jan 14, 2005
  6. Gary Davies

    Gary Guest

    This might be a dumb question but... On the back of the Radeon box it says
    it's compatible with AGP 4X (1.5V) and 8X (0.8V), my BIOS seems to be locked
    at 8X, the other options for AGP voltage apart from "Auto" are 1.5v-1.8v, so
    i'm assuming the BIOS is using 8X with 1.5v? is this correct?
    Gary, Jan 14, 2005
  7. Gary Davies

    Gary Davies Guest

    For anyone who blazes this trail after me, after several hours of fiddling I
    decided to manually set the AGP voltage in the BIOS, I tried 1.5v but as
    expected this did exactly the same, next I tried 1.6v and i'm extremely
    happy to report this fixed the screen blanking problem.

    The drivers then correctly installed onto XP and seemed to work fine, 98 was
    an entirely different story though, to cut a long story short the current
    Connect3D CD only contains drivers for XP/2000 even though it appears to try
    to install 98 drivers it will always say Setup was unable to setup... To
    resolve this you need to download 98 compatible drivers from their web site.

    Thanks to everyone!
    Gary Davies, Jan 17, 2005
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