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connecting 4.1 green/black wires to laptop and tv

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by sdac, May 21, 2007.

  1. sdac

    sdac Guest

    Hi, i just bought a Creative Inspire M4500 which has 4.1 sound.

    Anyway the system has 1 green and 1 black 3.5 plugs coming out of the

    Back of 4.1 speakers


    I have the following 2 problems:

    1) connect to laptop.
    My laptop has a regular sound card with an earphone connection. If i
    connect the green wire from my speakers to this... then only 2 front
    speakers+woofer work while if i connect black cable then only rear
    speakers work.

    I want to connect both green and black cables so i will get sound from
    all speakers (i don't care if it is 4.1 or just regular stereo as long
    as 4 speakers have sound) ?

    2) connect to TV
    My tv does not have an earphone area... only the regular RCA input
    How can i also connect the 2 green black cables to RCA. Can i treat
    the green as "right" and black "left" and get some converter which
    will connect the 3.5 male green and black to RCA ?
    If so, will this give me stereo sound from the 4 speakers ?

    Sorry if my questions are very simple but i don't know much about this
    and i've been very confused with what i saw online.

    Thanks in advance.
    sdac, May 21, 2007
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