Connecting a power supply (or supplies!?) to Tyan Thunder HEsl(S2567)

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Nihad Hamzic, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Nihad Hamzic

    Nihad Hamzic Guest


    I have an opportunity to cheaply acquire a Tyan Thunder HEsl (S2567)
    motherboard (link:
    This is an equivalent of a oldtimer muscle car, especially since I
    have got the best tyres (processors - 2 x P3 Coppermines 1000/133) for

    But there is one thing (besides its large size) which bothers me. As
    you can see on its picture, this board has TWO 20-pin ATX power
    connectors (they are located in the upper right corner of the board -
    the worst possible position by the way - underneath the 3.5" drive


    The presence of a dual ATX power connection implies that I would need
    two ATX power supplies to use this board, but I have never heard of
    such a setup (except of proprietary enterprise servers' redundant
    powering systems).
    Besides that, as far as my electrotechnical knowledge goes, two
    switching power supplies would most likely fry each other when
    simultaneously powering the same consumer directly without any
    intermeddiate load-balancing (or reundant) electrical regulator. The
    direct simultaneous power draw would effectively place them in a "69
    position" (excuse me for the profanity), and the two PSUs would suck
    each other because of small differences between voltages. This
    imbalance would eventually lead to the failrue of one, which would
    then kill the other.


    The strangest thing is that the section for powering in this
    motherboard's user manual (
    (page 25) does NOT mention these dual ATX connections at all. It
    treats the powering issue just like in any ordinary board - "connect
    the ATX 20-pin main power connector to the mainboard, and that's it".


    So, what is the true deal here? Do I need only one, ordinary classic
    ATX 20-pin power supply, or two of them? If I need two of them, what
    are the pecularities of that?

    Thank you very much for reading this, and much more for writing a
    constructive reply.

    - Nihad
    Nihad Hamzic, Apr 19, 2009
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  2. Nihad Hamzic

    mikea Guest

    So if you don't want it, I'll be happy to take it off your hands.
    Just let me know. I've got a Truly Enormous case.
    The manual does, on page 6 under "Form Factor", state that the board
    has dual ATX 20-pin power connectors.

    What leads you to think that Tyan's designers didn't design the board
    so that it would be safe to use two supplies? Failure to design the
    power-distribution aspects of the board, if in fact they did intend that
    two power supplies should be connected, would be an egregious failure
    inndeed. But if they didn't so intend, why would they have used precious
    board real estate to accommodate the second connector and its wiring?
    This isn't an accident, I think, but a feature.
    Try it with one supply. See if it works, if it tends to have problems
    under heavy load. And maybe send E-mail to Tyan Tech Support, or give
    them a phone call, first, before you even buy the board, just to see
    what they have to say on the subject -- other than "too old, no longer

    Looks like a fine, if slightly towards the vintage side of the calendar,
    piece of work. Good luck with it.
    mikea, Apr 19, 2009
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