Connecting DVI flat panel to KVM

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by Lisa Berger, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Lisa Berger

    Lisa Berger Guest

    I currently have a FPD 1510 connected to my Gateway via DVI cable. The
    computer also has a VGA connection. My brother just gave me a Mac G4
    (without monitor) that I would like to use as well. The problem is the G4
    doesn't have a DVI connection.

    How do I attach a FPD to both a a DVI PC and a non DVI Mac? I have seen
    KVM's that have two DVI connections or two VGA connections. Are there KVM's
    that have on DVI and one VGA connection? If not, does anyone have a
    suggestion? Currently, we used the VGA connection to the PC as well as to
    the MAC, but I'm loosing the better DVI connection when I use the PC.

    Any suggestions?
    Lisa Berger, Feb 21, 2005
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