Connecting to 2.5 SAS/SATA on Dell T7600

Discussion in 'Dell' started by W, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. W

    W Guest

    The Dell T7600 has four hotswap 3.5" bays, and what appear to be four
    hotswap 2.5" bays. My Dell 710P controller appears to have one of its two
    minisas ports wired to the four 3.5" drives. How do we wire up the 2.5"
    drives to the other port on the 710P? I don't see a way to take off the
    other side of the case where the back side of the drives would be exposed.
    And - what is truly incredible - the Dell T7600 "operating manual" doesn't
    appear to even have diagrams showing how to recable the drives.
    W, Jan 25, 2014
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  2. W

    Bob_Villa Guest

    Is this what you have?
    Bob_Villa, Jan 25, 2014
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  3. W

    W Guest

    Yours is a more recent edition than mine, so thanks in any case.

    I have the cover off on the side with the hard drives, but that makes it
    clear I am on my own here. The 2.5 drives have NOTHING to support them on
    the back. I don't even have the power available.

    Has anyone been through trying to wire up the four 2.5 drives *in addition
    to* the 3.5 drives, and if yes what are the things I need here?

    It looks like I will need to buy another hotswap power supply, simply to get
    some additional connectors available to provide power to the 2.5 drives?

    For cabling the data, I assume I will go min-SAS connector on the PERC H710P
    adapter, and this will wind to the bottom of the motherboard, to the drive
    side of the computer and then branch out to four SAS-style data+power
    connectors (if connecting to 2.5 SAS drives). Power will then plug into
    each of those four combo SAS connectors.

    Am I missing something?

    It seems strange they would not pre-wire the computer for using both 2.5 and
    3.5 drives.
    W, Jan 25, 2014
  4. W

    W Guest

    It looks like I am missing something here. With the 3.5 drives, there is a
    backplane in place and this is what allows you to hotswap the drives. In
    the case of 2.5, that backplane is missing. Does Dell sell such a
    backplane? Is it different for SAS than for SATA?

    Why doesn't Dell provide a parts guide with visual breakdown of where each
    part number goes? The people who man the parts hotlines at Dell really
    don't have a clue, and it's very time consuming to ask them any question.
    W, Jan 25, 2014
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