Considering 4TB drive for Asus P9X79

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Bill Anderson, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. This is a new one on me. I was just window-shopping for a larger
    capacity drive to replace a perfectly functional 1.5 TB drive in my
    system -- don't really need one, just looking -- and I found what looks
    like a nice 4TB Seagate drive at Newegg for $190. Also found that
    Amazon has the same drive for the same price. Seagate Desktop HDD.15
    ST4000DM000 4TB.

    So I was reading through the reviews and something just didn't seem
    right. One of the reviews said that "500 gig for $50 is a great
    bargain." Huh? That's when I realized that not one of Newegg's reviews
    was for the Seagate drive that was illustrated at the top of the page.
    (Well, I think none of the reviews was for that drive -- I didn't read
    all 1,990.)


    Very I went to Amazon, and guess what? Same drive, same
    price, same problem with the reviews! They're all for other, smaller


    Weird. And no, I haven't ordered a 4TB drive and I don't intend to until
    I can find a set of reviews that address the drive I'm looking for.
    Bill Anderson, Mar 30, 2013
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  2. Bill Anderson

    Paul Guest

    It does look like there's something wrong with the Newegg reviews.
    For example, when I listed a bunch of drives on Newegg, the listing
    said there were 2,930 reviews for the item. And considering they
    haven't been for sale that long, that sounded wrong. The actual
    page is showing only 22 reviews.

    You can always look for an enthusiast site review.

    It's interesting, that in a quick search, the tech used tends to not
    be 1TB platters, but perhaps 800GB platters. So these drives
    are likely a bit on the "tall" side as well. Fitting five platters,
    think of the vertical spacing.

    Also in my quick search, there is a wide variation in rotational speed.
    The slowest I found, was listed as 5200 RPM. Another was 5900 RPM.
    The fastest was 7200 RPM. You have to be very careful when buying
    them - I've run into situations before, where they don't state the
    RPMs, because they're not proud of the figure. Rotational speed
    is a component in the seek time (since the sector you want, has to
    rotate under the head).

    So, yeah, by all means, spend a lot of time on the reviews.
    These look a little too new to trust yet.

    Paul, Mar 31, 2013
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